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    Another Day, New Dollars


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    Another Day, New Dollars Empty Another Day, New Dollars

    Post by Deleronark 18th January 2019, 10:08 am

    Word Count: 1021

    Code-name : Mietitrice

    Taking a drink of his coffee the assassin took a deep breath before checking his messages. Not many were of interest to him, however one popped out. It was a curious message, sent through his direct line.

    ‘Mietitrice, we are pleased to inform you that you have been invited for preliminary testing to assess your aptitude in a special business venture. We have been following your career with a vested interest and believe you to be an excellent candidate to fill a vacancy within our organization.

    Our organization is made up of various men and woman with goals and skills very similar to your own, and as such we will it is only in our best interest to extend this opportunity out to you. If you are interested, please read the follow-up correspondent. Upon completion of the given task a member of our community will reach out to set up a meeting.’

    The assassin sighed once more reading the message. It was strange, as far as he could tell the message was sent to his personal inbox for private jobs, with no return address, no forwarding IP, and no traceable intel. It was as if for all intents and purposes the sender did not exist. No matter how hard the assassin tried, he was just not good enough with the technology to get one piece of data on whoever had sent him the job. Taking a breath, the assassin opened the follow-up correspondent.

    All and all, the contract seemed rather standard. Set pay for work done, to be deliver upon completion. There seemed to be nothing wrong with the target, a standard business man, standard security, slightly above average amounts of woman in sight. All and all the man seemed to be a lecturous business shark and loaner. Whoever he was, it seemed he had pissed off the wrong group of people, after all not everyone gets an assassin hired against them. Even the special request seemed pretty standard, the client wanted the assassination to be under the radar, and away from public eye. Meaning, an ‘accident’ was to befall upon the man, letting the client spin the message they wanted to send in whatever way that suits them.


    Some time later the assassin found himself glancing back and forth, checking his tail as he followed the mans group. Luckily the businessman, while tailed by security believed that gave him a false sense of protection. As such, he would flaunt around, and show his strength. It did not take long for the assassin to find his abode, a rather high skyrise with an impressive view.

    Casing the local Mietitrice found a staging location and waited. He knew the businessman was ‘dealing with clients’, and currently shaking up a small family business. In approximately thirty minutes the man would return to his home, and there would be a two point three second gap from when he left his car to when he entered the front door of the building. If this was a sniper assassination, that would have been a great opportunity. As it was, the assassin through further investigation learned that getting from the ground floor, up to his room took about four and a half minutes, assuming he did not stop at the lobby bar. It was once the shark entered his room, and stepped onto his balcony, as he did every night, that the assassin would strike, ending his life.

    The assassin would give a pleasant, but unsurprised, sigh as he watched his plan fall into place. Exactly as expected. It was late in the evening when the business man showed up, and he was rushed out of his limo strait into the building. Meititirice watched him through his scope as the man disappeared into the shadows of the doorway.

    Some time after, through his scope the assassin watched as he appeared in a window, headed towards the elevators. The time frame meant the man had wasted no time at the bar and was going strait towards his high-rise. The next time the assassin glimpsed the man was when he reached his front door, the windows on that level, combined with his position, gave him an excellent view of the man as he walked towards his door. This however would have proven to be a bad time to take the shot after all he had no idea if the glass was protected, and besides glass blown inwards was not subtle at all. No, once more the assassin waited, tracking his target as he went to the intended location.

    Finally, Meititrice watched as the man stepped onto his balcony, and leaned his wait on the safety bar. Reaching down, the assassin grabbed what seemed to be an ordinary pebble. Taking a breath, his eyes flashing crimson the assassin felt as his vampiric takeover bolstered his strength. Releasing his breath, he placed his life essence into the pebble, causing it to glow and float slightly. With all his might the assassin through the rock, which sailed through their air an unimaginable speed and might zooming as if a spell of its own.

    The rock collided with its target, smashing into one of the vertical support bars. All at once the assassin watched as the structure gave way to the force of the barrage, bending outwards pushed by the mans weight. There was a single cry of help as the business man fell to his death. Meititrice wasted no time leaving his position. As soon as he was clear he reached towards his iLac and typed his confirmation. The hit was complete, his job was done. He was already in his car and driving into the night. He drove with traffic, as if oblivious to the man who had died not three blocks away.

    He watched as instantly, as if waiting for him, money appeared in his offshore account, and a message came to his personal device. It held a location and a time and said a single fraise in quotations. "Blanche sent me here to collect some files." It seemed, it was time for the assassin to meet his clients.

    Completed Word Count: 1021


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