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    Random Encounter (Private/Fibi)


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    Random Encounter (Private/Fibi) Empty Random Encounter (Private/Fibi)

    Post by Mine 25th December 2018, 11:22 pm

    It was the middle of the day in the lively town of Magnolia. A train from another town had just arrived at the station. Crowds of people rushed out of the trains and into town, while an equal in size crowd rushed into the trains. Of the crowd of people walked out the trains was one Serabel Starlight. She seemed a little tired, as she most likely just woke up from a long train ride. After leaving the train station she began to walk around the town, sort of aimlessly for a while letting her mind wander. She recently had an encounter with someone of her past which could only be described as a bittersweet experience. “Gah… I don’t know why but the way Blue was clinging to that guy really pisses me off…” Her facial expression grew more and more aggressive the more she thought about it, much to the discomfort of the people walking around. Since she was also in what looked like a high school uniform, she looked like some delinquent teenager skipping school.  

    She walking around the town for a few minutes before realizing that she wasn’t quite sure where she was anymore. “Magnolia… Crap. I don’t remember how to get to the inn I stayed in last time… Actually that might be a good thing. I don’t think the manager their liked me very much.” She smiled and laughed a bit while thinking about on the brawl she had at the inn last time she was here. It was clear by the bandages wrapped around her fists that Serabel got in a lot of fights, or at the very least was just recently in one.

    Serabel was quite obviously not a native of this town the way she wandered around. She tried her best not to look like some lost tourist, but it was really starting to show she had no idea where she was going after passing the same cafe almost three times. “This is starting to get dumb.” Her stomach growled a bit from skipping breakfast to catch the early morning train. “Lunch time I guess.” She walked in the cafe and began to glare at cashier. “Can I get this.” She pointed at a picture of a strawberry parfait on a menu. It looked like something straight out of some Moe anime, and what quite obviously something only a child would order. The cashier look confused yet too intimidated to question her. Serabel took a seat at one of the tables located right outside the entrance and waiting for a parfait to arrive. As she did, she looked carefully at the people that passed the cafe carefully hoping to find someone interesting. She came into town do a few jobs, but it would not hurt to get to know some of the other mages in town. “That Fairy Tail guild is here… Maybe I can fight someone strong before I leave town.”

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