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    To Earthland...And Beyond! (Solo|D-Rank Job)


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    To Earthland...And Beyond! (Solo|D-Rank Job) Empty To Earthland...And Beyond! (Solo|D-Rank Job)

    Post by Mine December 20th 2018, 10:46 pm

    Serabel walked into the Town of Rose Garden early in the morning with her backpack stuffed and a new iLac in her hand. She had just gotten the device about a week ago but hadn’t had the time to look through all the features. Right now she was using a map app to get to docks so that she could register for a passport. Serabel thought she needed one if she was going to become an actual mage instead of just a hopeless vagabond. With a passport, she’d be able to take more high profile jobs anywhere on Earthland. Maybe she could even go to Sin to see her sister. On second thought, maybe Sin wasn’t the best place to go. Either way she wanted have the freedom to go anywhere she wanted.

    Once arriving at the docks, she was disappointed to see the massive line in front of the registration office. Everyone that where there were in groups of at least 4, most likely families coming to get their passport all at once. Passport registration seemed to have been suspended to the public for sometime, and today was the first day it was open again. She thought “Alright… I can either wait in line or come back later.” Serabel decided to bit the bullet and wait in line… All day. She spent the first couple of hours playing around with her iLac until it inevitably gave out on her. Eventually she would have kneeled down at the times the line was idol and actually began to pray it would move faster. It didn’t.

    After almost 6 hours of waiting in line, it was finally her turn. She walked up to the receptionist, a young red haired woman. She seemed just as exhausted with this day as Serabel was. “If you can just fill out these forms and bring them back. You can forgo the screening if you can present an authentic guild mark for a legal guild, or any documentation stating that you work for the magic council.” Serabel sighed not even saying a word. She just began to fill out the paperwork and quick as she could. “Maybe I should join a guild… There seems to be some perks.”

    After about 20 minutes of filling out all that, the receptionist read through everything to make sure it was filled out and told Serabel to stand still. A flash of light hit Serabels face randomly and the receptionist said “Say cheese” after the fact. Serabel looked extremely confused as the receptionist went into a back room. She didn’t come out for another 5 minutes. When she returned she had a Fiore passport, with a rather unflattering photo of Serabel inside. She was horrified by the picture and simply shoved the passport in her pocket before giving the receptionist a large amount of money. The receptionist wanted to tell her it was too much, but Serabel left in a hurry. “I need to punch something... “ At the very least, she was now able to take jobs anywhere in Earthland.

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