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    Studying and Learning - The Magic Version


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    Private Studying and Learning - The Magic Version

    Post by Copycat 13th December 2018, 1:14 am

    Despite having spent the last few days settled into Oak Town and enjoying the likes of its local inn, Angelica's adventures have more or less gone stale. It wasn't until she realized that her financial situation is still nowhere near the pot of gold she wants it to be in that she realized she has to get a move on. In spite of that, the Solhart's endeavors with finding anymore jobs than what she'd already done. With not much else drawing her interest, she sets her sights on one of Oak Town's most prominent attractions, its temple. Considered the best magic library that all of Fiore has to offer, there's a good chance she could find something to help her learn more about the location of who she was seeking, or at least better ways to find them.

    Rising from her bed at the break of dawn, the woman extends her arms above her head and links her fingers together, arching her back as she remains seated upon her bedside. The blonde brings her arms to an arch and separates her hands, instead running them through her hair in a half-assed effort to ensure her locks are straightened out. As much as she wished for it, she couldn't wake up looking as picture perfect as she wanted, and thus she stands up, adjusting the simplistic, translucent white blouse partially covering her form. Picking at the ice-resemblant embroidery upon the clothing as she slips into the small bathroom of her inn room, she spends the next ten to fifteen minutes doing her post-wakeup routine.

    She finally emerges from the bathroom, her hair pulled into a french braid and her bangs framing her face. She's also donned a minor amount of eyeliner and lipstick as per her usual style. Pursing her lips as she leaves her bathroom, Angelica gets to work on sliding into some clothing. She slides on a rather simplistic, long-sleeve white dress shirt with a black belt coiled around her waist. Following that, the woman pulls on a dark blue skirt, and eventually, black thigh-highs and brown shoes. She proceeds to return to her bathroom, assessing her frame in the mirror with several turns to confirm that she likes the relatively generic look as she buttons up her tucked-in dress shirt. Leaving the two top buttons undone, Angelica provides herself with a small nod of approval before exitting the small room, and elevating her navy blue cloak (accentuated by a white fur trim) by the door.

    She pulls it partially over her shoulders and allows it to hang there as she makes her treck for the exit to her inn room, keeping the cloak secured in its placement by tying a black lace together between each side of the collar. Exiting her room, Angelica keeps her stride gallant once she's locked her door and begun to make her way down the halls, eventually descending to the first floor of the inn. The blonde progresses forward, exiting the inn and welcoming herself to the remnants of the morning dew tracing the exterior of the establishment. Angelica strolls along casually, peering with a sense of mystification at the elaborate architecture of the generally middle-class town.

    Taking the time to appreciate everything else that Oaktown had to offer was always pleasant, between the vast amount of restaurants, speak-easies, little shops -- both tourist and local ones, and of course, the hearthes of the many guildhouses around. Enjoying the scenery as she trecks along the main road of Oak Town, Angelica eventually reaches her destination at the base of the town: the unmatched Magic Library. 'She already taught me everything there is to know about her magic but it doesn't hurt to see if there's a trace.' The blonde muses, peering at the front of the massive building in the midst of the woodland outside of Oak Town. Adjusting her furred cloak abit, Angelica lets out a sharp inhale and heads on forward through the circular, gate-like entrance.

    Angelica is prompt to set foot inside of the library, slowing her pace to a saunter as her blueish-green orbs flicker about. If she'd been any more interested in architecture, she certainly would've made an effort to appreciate the effort put into the whole place. Instead though the woman picks up the pace after she's looked around, letting out a heavy exhale. 'This is going to take awhile..' She thinks to her self, peering upwards at the practically endless series of bridges connecting various sitting areas surrounded by bookcases-worth of the wealth of knowledge piled up in this one tower. Fixating her attention on the incoming process of searching for information, she breaks off into a small jog.

    The blonde-locked woman progresses through the library, darting along the first ascending bridge. Once she's entered the first sitting area, she slows herself to a saunter just to be courteus, and starts to search the bookshelves. Tracing her fingers along the first shelf, she flickers her curious gaze along the side of each of the books of various sizes, fixated entirely on finding something -- anything, about Dragon Slayers. Of course, with most of these books detailing the more common knowledge things Mages already knew, she's quick to find herself skimming the rest of the things there. And after the fact, the woman leaves the sitting area, beginning to run along the next bridge.

    She wasn't wrong to assume that this process would take a long time, because it in fact does. The next hour or two is spent running from area to area, skimming and even flipping through the pages of some of the hundreds, if not thousands of books clustered up in this seemingly-endless tower. It's infact the most overwhelming process that Angelica thinks she's ever been through, but still she's resolute in finding something. Only about a tenth of the way through the massive library, she takes a seat at last, huffing with a singular book in her grasp. It reminded her of what she'd crossed throughout her hours worth of progression, the special type of magic known as Requip. Focused on being somewhat of a small marble of space and time storage personalized to the user of it, it would allow a specialist of the specific brand of magic to store and summon equipment related to the theme of the spell.

    Initially, Angelica had suspected that she could maybe try and learn some of that while she was here. After all, if she managed to figure out how it worked and even made her own line of it, she could base it on her Dragon Slayer magic... or something like that. But there was next to nothing on Dragon Slayers so far, much to her disdain. Most of what was there was simply general knowledge of them, which meant what she knew was basically all she could really wring out of any source. She was her own beacon of knowledge on the whereabouts of the person she was looking for, and it felt even worse knowing that she couldn't help herself find things out. And based on her knowledge with how Requip worked, and then how Dragon Slayer magic worked, they wouldn't go hand in hand. She was at another stalemate.

    Betraying the concept of basing such a magic on Dragon Slayer magic, the fed-up blonde is just about to leave the library when she peers at one of the books upon the table. It seems that someone had left it there before she arrived, just within her arms reach. Engraved with the title 'Camelot', she quirks a brow upright. Never before had Angelica heard of such a name, especially when it came to magic or just... yeah, not even a place in Fiore had that name. With her curiousity and her adventurous appetite piqued, she suspected that this place was perhaps somewhere that was more... under wraps. Maybe it would lead her to the ideal place to pick up a job, find riches, or even find who she's been looking for!

    The blonde is quick to scoop up the book within her grasp, a small smile creeping onto her relaxed facial features. Grasping the back of the book with one hand, she flips to the table of contents, and runs her gaze down the list with her finger. Strangely enough, Camelot had nothing to do with magic. It followed the same theme of about twenty-five percent of the books she'd already skimmed through before and suspected to just be some arcane, odd sources of magic -- in fact they weren't associated with magic at all. If anything, they were just normal books, and this one was no different. The female turns the book to read the back, her interest starting to grow as she reads the detailed summary of the book.

    A tale about a land known as Camelot, and more specifically, of a man -- a King, Arthur Pendragon. As a woman who looked at royalty like it was a prized possession, she could only feel her latent interest grow. What sort of tales would this book have to tell? Was it actually real? Was there a man -- no, King, prominent enough to have a book written about him and actively read presumably by someone who came here before her? Shrugging her shoulders a bit at the thought, the female briefly drops the book to undo the tie connecting either side of the collar to her cloak, and with a roll of her shoulders, she allows the furred garment to drop down onto the back of the chair. If this was the kind of treat she could find from coming here for something completely unrelated, she wouldn't mind spending more time than she already did.

    Scooping up the book and flipping it back around, the woman rests the back of the palm belonging to the hand holding the book against the tabletop, and leans forward to rest her forearm against the outline of the table. Angelica slowly but surely flips the pages, allowing herself to be absorbed into the details of the book before her. For the next few hours, Angelica finds herself engrossed into the story as it unfolds before her very eyes, detailing the Knights of the Round Table, the man's questionably-promiscuous and unfaithful wife Guinevere, and the eventual Battle of Camlann. It was within this final battle that he was felled by a treacherous knight, Mordred.

    Having met the conclusion of the story, Angelica closes the book at last, unimmersing herself from the seemingly different world, tone and view through the eyes of a man who's name, despite having such weight behind it, never had been spoken of. Rising from her seat, the woman decides to set off throughout the library once more, only this time it isn't to connect pieces of her past together. She looks for more information on Requip, and more importantly, more books detailing the lore of the Arthurian Era. After spending another hour compiling the information, among just other tales of similar nature and the lore affiliated with those, the female started off with reading again, only this time she focused on tapping into the magic type that was entirely new to her -- Requip.

    Like any arduous process, the effort put behind her actions don't end up being in vain. Spending hour after hour and try after try making an attempt to utilize her bodily energies, both spirit and physique, she finally comes to the answer -- or well, the magic type that she's been looking to establish. Extending her hand forth for the last time among dozens of other attempts, Angelica shuts her eyes and dedicates a portion of her reserves to shaping, scaling and creating the very material used to make up one weapon in particular, one of different origin from the Arthurian Era, but of the same time. Slowly but surely, the artifact in mind takes a robust, self-refined shape designed by Angelica herself -- Caladbolg. Manifesting the weapon within the grasp of her right hand, the female gazes at it in awe, confirming that it's real with every turn or change in angle that allows her to appreciate the craftsmanship it underwent practically within her mind.

    Having effectively manifested just one artifact among the many she'd intended to later create with this new magic of hers, the female allows it to disperse and closes the various books splayed out upon the table she's sitting at. The female collects each of them one by one, and heads off, returning the books to their vague positions one by one. Once she's finished, the woman strides back down the now descending bridges leading back to the entrance of the magic library, appreciative of her learnings, and of her creation of her new magic, named after the book that started it; Camelot.

    (2,140/2,000 words reached, to learn my Second Magic.)

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