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    Determination Empty Determination

    Post by Guest 4th December 2018, 7:33 pm

    Song puffed her flat chest out as her senses scanned the snowy area. While her head and eyes were moving, that was all instinctual. She couldn't see with her eyes, but instincts made focusing at what was in front of her face easier. She was born with a magic her people had refined for generations. It takes your sight and gives you senses to overcome blinding sandstorms. The area out of the barrier around her guild had constant snow it seemed. How constant it was reminded her of that. At the same time? It was very different. The snow wasn't tiny specks of soil, but water. Where the sand could make sound stand out more, snow had the opposite effect. The blanket of fluffy frozen water stifled down sound. It was a thing that she relied on heavily, sound. Song needed the sound to see her surroundings in some way. The less effective her magic was on an area, the less secure she felt. Today she planned to figure out how to conquer sensing her surroundings in the snow.
    She had a breakfast meal warm in her stomach and a heart full of heated passion. Eight spider legs moved in a hurry as she started moving herself from the safe comforts of the guilds barrier. It wasn't like how it was at her old home, people wouldn't train her. The girl had to train herself for whatever she needed to. ‘Do I have everything?’ She thought a bit, checking her memory and person. Her shirt was there, which was important for going outside. The girl had her gloves and jacket as well, important for keeping warm in the cold. Should she pack a lunch? Maybe, but she wasn't thinking that far ahead. She just felt like this shouldn't take longer than lunch. If it did? She would start again tomorrow. Gloved fingers of a color she did not know fell to her sides before her legs begun to speed in the snow again. This time the desert arachnid didn't stop until she was a distance from the guilds building area, though still on the mountain. 'Okay Song! What can you hear?' There was the sound of the howling wind. It bounced off the trees that littered the mountain, giving a good view of them to some extent.

    The snow in the area dampened the sound. Maybe that in itself was a form of information? Yes, very little materials dampened the sound in that way. But that still didn't help her see more clearly! It just told her the area had a lot of snow. It was frustrating, she hated limitations. They were things she refused to admit out loud existed. The heat started to rise inside, fingers beginning to wrap. Talea huffed, hitting a tree lightly until the frustration faded a bit. She just wanted to calm down so she could think straight. There was a lingering bitter feeling inside. "I was born to kill, I should be able to do it anywhere." Of course where she had been born was very different weather with different sorts of storms. How well she could make things out in the weather was still more than likely better than most could due to her sensing. Song didn't know that though. She had never seen a facial expression without touching someones face. The very concept of a color was confusing to her. Blue? Yellow? All words with hollow meaning.
    That's why she wanted to see as much as she could. Getting upset at the world for being born this way wouldn't make any sense, but sometimes she still felt angry. Tossing fits wouldn't give her the sight and understanding she never had, but the girl still wanted to understand. Her spider legs slumped down before tucking under the pale spider underside. The young girl grew up getting told how her magic developed. It wasn't wholly unique, spotted easily by those who knew how to spot the physical traits. They were all born to be strong, right? If they were so mighty against sandstorm weather than why was the snow so difficult?! She started to punch at the snow, maybe hoping to get at the soil underneath it. No, she was just very bad at getting herself to calm down. "Why can't I see clearly?! It's still a storm!" The most frustrating thing was that it felt almost like her magic was designed to be isolating. She was proud that she was born with strength, but admitting its faults?

    The sand spider did not want to admit out loud that that these faults were as vast as the strengths. She hated that there had never even been a choice in what she was going to be. Even if she got away from the controlling commands, she was still the person born to kill. A thought struck her as sure as the faint sting of the cold that bit through her gloves in a semi melted state. "Why do I keep thinking of the other people like me?" They weren't able to make clothes like her. Just because their magics all had the same base didn't mean it was exactly the same. Just because she could see perfectly in a thick sandstorm didn't mean she could in a blizzard. She started to unfold her legs, feeling more foolish rather than any amount of frustration. "What makes me special?" Song started to brush herself off, finally giving up once she realized something. Trying to get snow off in the middle of a snow storm didn't make any sense.
    So she started doing the only thing she knew of at the time to find out. Instead of getting frustrated again, the young girl started doing some stretches before moving into exorcises. After awhile of that she started practicing different fighting moves and stances. It was only in the afternoon that the light brown skinned girl stopped, getting pulled to return by the pangs of her stomach. Maybe she should go back and eat something, then read something afterwords. That made her realize something else too. "I don't need to find what makes me different because I left." That was a definite large difference and that felt a little satisfying.

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