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    Cat Burglar...?


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    Cat Burglar...? Empty Cat Burglar...?

    Post by Pokomon 2nd December 2018, 8:53 am

    Job Link: HERE
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    It had been a while since the fox maiden had taken up a job request, she considered most of them to be nothing more than a waste of time. However, recent times had been a little harsh on her purse and she was running low on funds, making it difficult for her to afford her sweet addiction. She cursed herself internally for being foolish enough to not watch her spending the last few days. She had spent far too much time with other people, when she should have been focusing on herself and getting stronger. Luckily for Kumi she had overheard some people while dining in a sweet cafe about a series of burglaries in the area. Apparently someone was quite good at slipping through the night, stealing goods all while covering their tracks and their identity. The kitsune was glad to learn that the local officials had already sent for help to wizards in the form of a job, with what she believed to be rather decent compensation for something so trivial. Surely it wouldn’t be difficult of someone of her stature and skill to catch a measly criminal.

    After accepting the job she had decided it would be best to spend the remainder of the day questioning locals for any information, after all knowledge was power, or in this case would make her job even easier should she have any idea what she was up against, not that she was particularly worried. Kumi would of course have to disguise herself, after all she was not quite inconspicuous with her nine fluffy tails and a set of fox ears upon her head, no doubt someone would mistake her questioning as a confession, humans were after all complete imbeciles the majority of the time. Closing her eyes and focusing on her aura that coated each follicle of fur on her ears and tail, she created the illusion of them not existing, ensuring the villagers would be completely unaware of their existence and making her appear like a normal teenage girl. Once comfortable with the levels of energy she was using to keep up the charade she began her journey through the beautiful town of Magnolia. Honestly she wished she could spend more time enjoying it, while she hated crowds it wasn’t so bad when people were busy with themselves and not staring at her for her strange appearance.

    Kumi returned to where she had first heard of locals complaining about being robbed, the best place to start investigating in her opinion, surely she would find out at least a shred of information that would help her catch the criminal as soon as possible. Her boots clicked against the paved streets as she made her way through the town, careful not to let anyone accidently touch, let alone trip over her invisible tails as she did. After about a quarter of an hour she arrived at her destination, outside the sweet cafe store she had visited but a few days ago with a stranger she had only just met. Kumi felt drawn to re-enter and stuff her face, but she already knew she didn’t have enough cash on her, at least not until she had finished her job. Instead she made her way over to the shop next door, fairly certain that it was the owner that she had overheard telling one of his customers about the thief. She she pushed the door open the sound of the bell chiming above her could be heard, alerting the man behind the counter that someone had entered the building. With her most adorable, sweet smile the fox maiden made her way up to the counter, facing the man with confidence.

    “Excuse me? I’m Kumi, I may just appear to be a simple teen, but I’m a wizard on a mission.” She started, causing the man to look somewhat impressed, but a little confused, “I was hoping if you could tell me anything about a burglar in the area, apparently there’s been a series of crimes and I was hoping to bring them to justice! After all it’s a wizard’s job to uphold the law and help out all citizens, right?” She finished with her best cute giggle, to which the older man smiled in return.

    “Of course! Well actually they broke in this very building not too long ago actually. It was about a week ago, they didn’t touch the register which was awfully strange, but they did take a bunch of random items. Possibly to use in some of their future crimes.” the shopkeeper responded in a semi-grouchy mood. Evidently they weren’t too pleased with having goods stolen, who would?

    “You wouldn’t happen to have any other information would you? Like what they might look like perhaps? Any information you have would help me greatly.” Kumi continued, hoping to learn a bit more. It was awfully strange that someone would take random items, but not steal cash, just what was this burglar after? What were they hoping to accomplish?

    “Ah, well it actually happened just as I was locking up. Unfortunately I was out back, taking out the trash, so I didn’t get a good look, but I did manage to yell at them and they sort of looked… cat… ish?” The owner explained with a sort of sheepish look, “Feels weird to say it, but they had pointy cat-like ears. Probably from Joya, those filthy animals are nothing but uncivilised simpletons!” He continued with a slight tone of anger. A comment that irked Kumi, Joyan people were in her opinion far more civilised and in tune with their surroundings than pathetic humans, but she kept her cool, after all she had something more important than putting this idiot in his place. Not wanting to hear anything else from the man she decided to take her leave.

    “Thanks for the help!” She finished with a small fake grin and wave as she quickly left through the door, causing the bell to chime once more. Upon re-entering the street her face quickly turned from cute smile, to annoyed, she would be sure to put that man in his place after she was done with her mission. Once she caught the criminal surely she could prove it was just another shitty human, maybe that would make him shut up and not judge another race purely on their appearance and customs. She wanted to pull her hood over her head and hide her face from others on the street, but that had the chance to give away her currently invisible ears. After hearing that the burglar appeared to have ears, she didn’t want to give anyone else the impression she was behind the crimes, no doubt she would be unrightfully blamed, especially if everyone in Magnolia was as racist as the shopkeeper she had just spoken to.

    Taking a deep breath and sighing slowly, she calmed herself, forcing herself to smile sweetly again before taking off down the stone walkway, her boots clacking on the ground as she walked once more. She contemplated all she had learnt so far, the thief had stolen some random items, but not any cash? It seemed quite peculiar to her for someone to go out of their way not to rob the till. Kumi cursed herself for not being able to control herself better, she should have asked for more details as to what was stolen exactly. Maybe there would have been a clue or something. Well, there wasn’t much else she could do, as far as the local authorities were aware the criminal was only targeting stores around closing time, so she decided it would be best to stake out the shopping district in the evening, perhaps she would be able to sense a disturbance in someone’s aura. After all those that stole or carried out any crime for that matter, often carried burdens that forced their auras to feel different to others. It should be no problem for her to spot someone with a ‘cat-like’ appearance in a town full of normal humans that felt different to everyone else.

    Kumi sat on top of one of the store’s rooftops, she had been sure to get the owner’s permission prior, she had been a sweet lady who was more than happy to help stop the ongoing series of stolen goods. Apparently she herself hadn’t been targeted yet, but she was afraid she would be next in the coming days. The fox maiden closed her eyes and enjoyed the breeze on her face, while she felt out the auras of the people below. So far she felt nothing that would cause suspicion, just people hurrying about, trying to buy the last of the goods before the stores closed for the day. Maybe simply feeling them out wasn’t going to work after all. It was strange to think that a petty criminal would be able to hide their true intentions, but nothing was every impossible in this world of magic.

    She decided to open her eyes and see if she could spot anyone that may look iffy in the crowd. As her golden orbs searched around she saw nothing but people going about the usual shopping routine. It was then she suddenly felt a strange presence, the aura she had been searching for! Her eyes clicked instantly towards the strange feeling, searching the crowd till her eyes locked onto a black hooded figure heading into one of the shops a few stores down. Kumi wasted no time, instantly jumping into action and bounding over the rooftops before jumping down and landing at the entrance of the store.

    The kitsune slipped into the building as well as silently as she could, thankful that this store did not have a bell in the entryway. Her golden eyes glistened as she looked around the store, taking her but a moment to spot who she was after. Carefully she glided up to the hooded figure, silently she moved her mouth to just behind their ear, her eyes looking down as she watched them place an item into one of their pockets.

    “That’s a terrible habit you have there.”  Kumi cooed sensually into their ear, startling them and making them fall backwards. In the process their hood fell, revealing it to be as she suspected, a human wearing cat ears on a headband. Now that she had been proved right, Kumi was about ready to lose her cool, after all it was degenerate human scum like this that were giving other non-human but humanoid species a bad reputation, something she could never stand. She glared with hatred into the shocked eyes of the human fumbling below her, but as she went to grab them they grinned deviously at her, knocking her hand away before jumping to their feet and attempting to make an escape.

    Kumi was initially in shock that they had stopped her in her tracks so easily, however, she snapped out of it in an instant, she wasn’t going to let them get away with this! The fox maiden relaxed her body, before forcing her spiritual energy around herself to force herself forwards at intense speed, causing several items in the store to go flying about. She heard the store keeper yell out, he must have reentered the main room at some point, but Kumi was too busy right now, she was doing them a favour by catching the thief after all, a bit of mess meant nothing to her. Kumi practically teleported in front of the cat burglar, causing them to take a step back.

    “Out of my way you! Or you’re gonna get hurt!” The thief yelled, now that Kumi was no longer focused on the fake ears, she was able to get a better look at her opponent. They were male, young, perhaps mid-teens, with short black hair and bright green eyes, a rare colour, one that if known about would get them identified with ease, so that explained why they were so careful to hide their face with the hood.

    “Sorry kid, but I can’t have someone like you going around ruining the reputation of Joyans simply because you may feel like it.” Kumi responded cooly, with a hint of malice, as she started to build up a small ball of spiritual energy in her left hand the boy suddenly sent a fist flying towards her face. Luckily she managed to take a step back just in time, causing him to fall over instead. “Geez, you’re even more pathetic than I thought you’d be. You can’t even fight, can you?” Kumi sighed, before sending the small shot of energy she had built up into his chest, causing him to cry out.

    “Why…. Why do you care if I’m ruining some stupid cat’s reputation?” the boy wheezed, obviously affected by the shot of energy as he coughed.

    “Because unlike you stupid humans, I actually respect them.” Kumi simply responded with a sigh of her own, starting to form another spiritual ball in the palm of her hand. However, before she could use it the boy suddenly drew his hand from behind, him revealing a small but sharp knife which he thrusted towards her, cutting her leg slightly before she was able to even react.

    Kumi jump backwards slightly to gain some distance, so he still had some fight in him it seemed, ‘Well this might just be more fun than I thought.’ Kumi contemplated, her lips parting into a malicious grin, “Oh so you want to play, do you?” the kitsune laughed maniacally, before sending another ball of spiritual energy towards the boy, this time he moved quickly, but not fast enough, taking the hit to his arm, rather than his chest.

    “Ugh, I didn’t realise they’d send a wizard just to deal with some stupid cat.” the boy grumbled as he breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath momentarily before dashing towards Kumi with his knife in hand once more. This time the fox maiden was more than prepared for his weak attempts at being a badass, before he could even get within a meter of her, she had already begun casting spirit push, closing her eyes, forcing her to see nothing but the auras around her, the boy’s a shimmering reddish-orange, matching his misguided and angry attacks. Kumi targeted his aura directly, sending the boy flying into the shelf units behind him, dealing damage directly to his spiritual energy along with that of the objects that had fallen on top of him.

    Kumi reopened her shining, golden orbs, staring into the boy’s face as he glared up at her from the floor on the other side of the store. “J… Just what are you?” The boy gasped, trying to find his breath, but finding himself winded.

    “Well since you asked…” Kumi released the spell upon her aura around the hairs on her ears and tail, causing them to be visible once more, giving her a godly appearance, “I am the one that is going to be taking that reward money for handing you over.” the kitsune giggled, waltzing slowly over to the boy before kneeling down in front of him. The boy glanced over at his knife, he had dropped it while being knocked back, leaving him unarmed. As Kumi stared into his eyes she saw the fear behind them, well all criminals fear being caught.

    “Please…” the boy began to beg in a pathetic and pleading tone, “I’m… I’m sorry, I just… If it’s money you want, I’ll give it to you instead?” He offered, trying to bribe his way out, something that Kumi considered temporarily.

    “See, I would gladly take that offer,” She began, the boy’s eyes lighting up at the prospect of being set free, “However, since you decided to tarnish the reputation of another species, I can’t let you go unpunished.” Kumi finished with a sly grin, grabbing him from the scruff of his hooded jacket and forcing him to stand, “So you’re coming with me…” she announced, dragging him along without a fight. The boy understood, he had been defeated, there was no way he was going to be able to beat her, after all in his eyes she was indeed a godly creature, who knew what else she might be capable of?

    The fox maiden dragged the boy up to the counter where the shop keeper looked absolutely terrified, “Apologies for the mess,” Kumi said in her sincerest and apologetic tone, “but could you perchance be able to call the local police, I seem to have done what they could not and caught the thief they’ve been looking for.” She said with a charming smile that just made the owner even more worried, however they instantly picked up their phone and began to dial for the police without a single word. Kumi waited while they stuttered over the phone, obviously shaken up by everything that had happened. Once they were done, they gave Kumi a nod, still unable to process words in her direction, something that made the kitsune rather pleased. She loved making those around her fear her power, it was simply intoxicating.

    When the police arrived, Kumi simply threw the boy at their feet. “I’ll take my reward now.” Kumi announced, glaring at the nearest policeman who looked shocked to see the thief had been a boy wearing a cat ear headband. “Are you sure this is the culprit? He doesn’t look much like a cat burglar to me, I mean other than the headband.” He stated, his voice full of insecurity and uneasiness.

    “Completely.” Kumi responded curtly, “If you don’t believe me you can ask the shop’s manager, the one that called you, they’re just inside. I’m sure they can vouch for me, after all I just stopped them from getting robbed.” She said loud enough for the shopkeeper to hear even from inside the building. If they dared call her a liar she would ensure they paid the price, but she doubted they would, after all she was certain they were more than just a little terrified of her. Kumi had always found fear to be one of the greatest motivators, especially when it came to weak humans.

    Sure enough the policeman returned a few moments later with a large sum of jewels which he handed over to Kumi with a small blush on his face, “Sorry, I just had to be sure. My boss would have killed me if I brought in some runt and it was the wrong guy.” he said with a small bow before heading back to his fellow comrades who were already cuffing the boy. Kumi sighed, the boy was still young, so she doubted he would be given any real punishment, but she felt the need to ensure one last thing. She stalked up towards the policemen who looked a little confused.

    “Ah, m.. ma’am? Is there something wrong?” The closest one stuttered, alarmed at the sight of the nine tails, his eyes skittering about, glancing everywhere but in the direction of Kumi.

    “I was just wondering if I could have a small word with the boy, before you take him away?” She requested with her kindest smile, to which the man nodded and stepped back allowing her to take a few steps closer. Once she was within but a few inches of the boy’s face she stared into his eyes, making him feel quite uncomfortable. “Just so you know, if you ever try a stunt like this again… If you EVER try to blame another species… ” Kumi started her tone full of malice and discontent, “I will find out and I will destroy you.” she finished with a small his before drawing her face away from his. The boy’s eyes widened, full of horror and fear.

    “I promise, I’ll never do something like this again!” the boy squeaked, unable to take his fear filled eyes away from her. Kumi grinned, pleased with his response and certain he was speaking the truth. Even though there was no actual way she would ever be able to know he was repeating his mistakes, the boy certainly didn’t know that. For all he knew she was all seeing, after all she had managed to catch him and beat him up so easily, he was more than certain she was indeed a goddess from another realm, come to smite all those that mistreat animals or animal kind.

    Happy with her work and her purse now full of jewels once more Kumi wondered if she should revisit that sweet cafe once more. Unfortunately during all the commotion it had grown dark, as she looked around herself she realised all the stores were already closed and no doubt so was the cafe, causing her to sigh softly in disappointment. At least she would be able to enjoy a comfortable bed for the night at the local inn and perhaps a nice meal, even if it wasn’t a sweet delicious treat. At this point anything would be better than nothing, she thought to herself as she felt a small pang in her stomach. With that, Kumi headed off towards the nearest inn she knew of, hoping that they’d still have a room or at least a hot meal available.

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