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    Keeping them company (solo job)


    Keeping them company (solo job) Empty Keeping them company (solo job)

    Post by Guest 15th November 2018, 12:50 pm

    Job Title:
    Musings Of A Retired Mage


    Job Location:
    Any Town

    Solo Word Count:
    500 Words

    Group Word Count:
    1,000 Words

    Additional Requirements:
    Any Rank. Up to three mages maximum. Job is complete when the conversation is finished.

    Job Description:
    A retired mage is lonely and simply wants someone to talk to. Go to the location and listen to them talk about their days as a wandering mage.

    N/A. However, they may or may not engage in a lengthy monologue about how things were back in their day. Hopefully one has spare time on their hands.

    The mage's gender, appearance, and personality is up to the players.
    The mage's magic and past accomplishments are up to the players.
    The mage can have any alignment. Players can choose to talk to a former good, neutral, or dark mage.

    Polite attention yields D-ranked EXP and 1,000 Jewels per player.

    -- credit to Leona Jarnefeldt

    Job Link Here

    Keeping them company (solo job) Empty Re: Keeping them company (solo job)

    Post by Guest 15th November 2018, 1:59 pm

    Mia was pretty worried when she saw one of the jobs on the board was to talk to someone because they felt pretty lonely. Mia felt that notion a lot because of her feelings towards the Liu family and how they treated Mirianne as the little princess like they always wanted.

    The location was in Oak town, so of course, this caused the demon slayer to wonder if the elderly woman is okay. Nonetheless, she travelled over to Oak town to find this lady who was in need of some good company. She wondered how it would turn out to be… she would hope it would turn out to be really friendly and she also hoped it would turn out for the best.

    It took some time due to her walking pace, but she finally arrived in Oak town. There seemed to be a few things to see and do, and the place really did look rather pretty. In fact, it was magnificent.

    “I have never been here before and I am already so impressed by it.” Mia commented as she glanced around the area.

    “Now to get to this woman and have a nice wee chat with her. I bet she is incredibly lonely…” She mumbled as she then walked off to find the one who was responsible for putting up the job in the first place.

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    Keeping them company (solo job) Empty Re: Keeping them company (solo job)

    Post by Guest 16th November 2018, 4:55 pm

    It didn't take long for Mia to find the place she was looking for. That was when she found the old woman. She seemed to be in very good shape for her age, but that was probably because she used to be a mage herself, apparently.

    Approaching her, she smiled softly and then waved happily.

    “Hello there!” She greeted the elderly lady and then almost bit her fingers until she reminded herself that she was in a social situation.

    “My name is Mia. I am here because you enquired about wanting a chat?”

    The elderly lady smiled happily and then encouraged Mia to take a seat on the opposite end of the table.

    “I thank you for coming. My name is Agatha and I have been feeling very lonely lately, hiring someone to talk to me sends me at ease.”

    The two seemed to be very happy in each others company. They also seemed to find comfort in each other.

    “I remember the time when I was a mage like you. I used to be able to run all over the place and I always made sure others were safe. I loved it.” Agatha told Mia.

    “What guild were you in??” Mia couldn't help but ask. She felt compelled to and she was so curious about Agatha’s guild choice.

    “I used to be in Fairy Tail. It was a lovely guild and I felt very close to the people there back when I was a mage there. I absolutely loved it. I felt like I was at home and I felt well looked after as well until I eventually retired. Oh how the days pass by… I can only wish I was a mage once again.”

    Mia felt sorry for Agatha, she was also envious of Agatha however. It seemed she had lived to her fullest. She hoped she could be like that one day in the future.

    The two spoke a lot until it was time to leave. Agatha gasped as she noticed that the cafe behind the both of them was closing down.

    “Oh god look at the time!” She mentioned as she got up. “I have got to get going, thank you so much for your time, goodbye!”

    Just like that, the old woman was gone… she went kaput. Mia didn’t even get to say goodbye to her. What a strange old woman.

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