Floofy Plushie Tester [Quest Rishi|Luceam]

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    Floofy Plushie Tester [Quest Rishi|Luceam]

    Post by Rishi Namatzu on 7th November 2018, 10:16 am

    Job details~:
    Job Title: Floofy Plushie Tester!
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: D rank with partner or C+ solo.
    Job Requirements: 3,000 words total,
    Job Location: Anywhere
    Job Description: well here's the thing, a local soft toy maker has been affected by the flu, with their staff being off sick. So you've been requested to come in and squish the plushies! Its important to make sure that every soft toy is the proper squishyness so that each handmade snuggle partner is perfect for the child who receives it!  

    Super sized teddies! They're taller than any human and suuuper floofy!

    Reward: 20,000j


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