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    Haunted House (Part 1)


    Haunted House (Part 1) Empty Haunted House (Part 1)

    Post by Guest on 25th October 2018, 10:30 am

    Job Title: Haunted House Part 1
    Rank: 100 year
    Job Location: Castles & Towers.
    Solo Word Count: 12,000
    Group Word Count: 24,000
    Additional Requirements: At least 2 S ranks, find the clue
    Job Description: At least one Mage has received a letter from a man wanting to renovate a well known haunted location into a beautiful hotel. The reason for his letter is as follows, every construction group he could hire refuses to even near the premise on account of the stories. Thus he requires you to go in and prove the place is just a bunch of ghost stories.

    Only, upon entry you find yourself locked into a seemingly perfect death trap. Almost everywhere you go within the grounds? Bodies from those the ghosts have killed lay scattered around, yet even these are not safe as some seem to have come back to life in a very angry, blood thirsty state. While collecting evidence of why the property should never be touched again, you must desperately search for some clue to escape.

    Alternatively if you have an easy means of escape, like being able to travel realms? You must find this clue in order to find definitive undeniable proof to bring back in order to convince the business man to give up his plans.


      Enemy attack strength and such is left up to players if they choose to fight them as if one wanted they are not required to be fought, they can be fled from or appeased as well. However, in most cases, no damage resist will work against their attacks, since they're attacks are spiritual even if they affect the player physically. Alongside the fact most 'enemies' are locations to clear.  

    • The Entryway Curse
      This is not an enemy that you can combat unless you want to kill someone who entered with you. While taking in the entryway, one of the party suddenly collapses. If this party member has a darker, demonic or other such comparable side? This side is in control for the rest of the job due to the sheer darkness in the building. In the lack of such a figure, the powerful ghost of a child has possessed the party member and refuses to leave, or for the sake of options, the darkness corrupts them changing the person for the job. If solo'ing this still takes affect but may affect something like a pet if brought along, if the player chooses, groups may not put this on a pet it must affect a played character.

      The Dining Room
      Enemy Rank: Normal
      Enemy HP: 500
      A large formal dining room, most everything in this room is dead or sleeping. Not much of interest is here, but its excellent evidence of the danger this place holds. Just, be careful not to wake any of the undead....

      The Ballroom
      Enemy Rank: Strong
      Enemy HP: 1,000
      Led somehow you encounter what seems to be a normal party only it's populated by ghosts. They will viciously attack anyone who acts out of place and thus disturbs their party as they are caught in a time loop of sorts, simply repeating this party over and over again. Only breaking to add people to the loop.  

      The Hoard
      Enemy Rank: Boss.
      Enemy HP: 2,000
      When the clue is found? A ton of lower rank enemies suddenly aggressively come forward from all around as if trying to protect something. It's an all out mob attempting to force you into their ranks.

    Access to Part 2
    100 Year exp
    200k jewels

    -- credit to Jiyu Kazehime

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