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    Sippin' on Straight Chlorine


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    Sippin' on Straight Chlorine Empty Sippin' on Straight Chlorine

    Post by Dela 14th October 2018, 5:11 pm

    Okay yeah, Millie was too lazy for this type of thing. Usually. However, getting dirt on celebrities was sometimes better than digging up juicy stuff on politicians. Celebrities were used to distract the sheep public from real issues, so dismantling one at the right time was lucrative indeed. So...taking a job to deliver a love letter from a normie man to an old flame that had scrambled desperately up that cruel fame ladder? Juice.

    Arriving to take possession of such a letter, the man was emphatic. It could not be opened. No one other than the intended should read it. Millie should absolutely, under no circumstances, even upon threat of death, open this letter. "Sure, I wouldn't dream of it," she waved him off, her dark guild mark well hidden and her ruse as an upstanding member of society in full swing.

    As soon as she was on the train, Millie set to the task of opening the letter so that it could be resealed without looking as if it was opened at all. She ordered some extra hot tea from an attendant, patiently watching the trees fly by the window she was perched next to. She always enjoyed trains rides. Tapping her feet in rhythm with the click clack of the track below, her tea appeared and she thanked the lady. Sliding the handle down and plucking the lid from the tea pot, she held the letter over the steam flap side down. After a few moments the adhesive loosened and she gently lifted it and gained access to the letter inside.

    Firstly she smoothed it out and pulled out her iLac, taking several pictures at different distances for readability. Actually...with the advent of iLacs, why pen letters at all? Why not text or call? Hmmm...must mean the love is unrequited. Curiosity drove her to begin reading immediately, and there was juice indeed! Pink lips formed into an 'o', eyes widened with delight. This celebrity had forsaken her home, her love, and her child for the luxuries fame brought. Left them behind to live like none of it happened! The man was pleading for her to return home, or at the very least visit in time for their daughter's third birthday. The child had been asking for her momma, and all other forms of communication had failed. What a crappy mom. A pang of sadness drifted through the magical girl's heart, quickly followed by vindictive self righteousness. Not that she ever felt particularly bad releasing damaging info, but this would feel quite nice when the time came. Folding the letter back up and placing it gently in the envelope, Millie made sure to reseal it exactly as it was, smoothing out any sign of the steam's presence by smashing it flat under her purse.

    The rest of the ride was uneventful. The young woman managed to stay awake this time, filing things typed in a hurry on her device into the appropriate folders. Once the train stopped in Magnolia she disembarked and made her way straight to the venue. It was amazing how far a girl could get throwing glitter around, posing dynamically, and just generally being a cute magical girl that can summon unicorns and kittens as a distraction. Reaching backstage was cake. Handing off the letter to the dolled up idol and neglectful mother of one, Millie tsked her but didn't explicitly verbally shame her so that her transgression would remain secret until the right moment. The baffled idol balked at the delivery, hollering for security that were busy ogling a mythical creature, leaving the magnificent Millicent to slink away before anyone could be suspicious, let alone catch her.



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