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    Runaway Gingerbread - Part 1


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    Runaway Gingerbread - Part 1 Empty Runaway Gingerbread - Part 1

    Post by Medeia 28th August 2018, 2:49 am

    Job Title: Runaway Gingerbread - Part 1
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Any ranked mages
    Job Requirements: 600 words, additional 400 words for every mage added, boss must be defeated.
    Job Location: Anywhere in Fiore (he is kinda on the run after all)
    Job Description: A gingerbread man has mysteriously come to life, and well… it’s decided to make a run for it! You need to catch this gingerbread and make sure you bring it to an end incase it decides to show off its speed in magnolia or other places with some population.

    Boss: Gingerbread man - This gingerbread man came to life and is running all over the area! He cannot deal damage, but must take 2 D ranked attacks until he… well… becomes a normal gingerbread once more. He also likes squealing about the muffin man, whoever that is...

    Reward: Gingerbread on the floor (if you want to eat it), 1k Jewels, D ranked EXP and access to Runaway Gingerbread - Part 2

    Sarisha was always up for a different type of mission but this one was odd even for her. She had thought that fleeing Cedar after her last job would have been a good move but something else had caught her eye before she made her exit or to put it honestly, it had run right out in front of her. A man made of ginger which for some reason, she had felt the compulsion to chase. It was a strange sensation but she had come to trust her instincts and go with the flow so the Goddess had set her mind on catching the little figure, thinking that perhaps there was jewels to be gained. The little guy was swift though and Sarisha found herself quite hard pressed to keep up with him. He moved like grease lightning and the best she could do was simply follow for now. She could feel the Godly hands of her soul mate embracing her from behiind as she ran, seemingly as entranced by the creature as she was or perhaps she just liked watching her partner run.

    The chase lasted a good quarter of an hour or so before the novelty began to wear off and Sarisha started to become bored with the event. It had been good for a laugh but now it was time to put an end to things. She summoned a crossbow of water in to her right hand and fired a bolt at the creature, hitting the ginger bread in the backside and causing it to jump up in pain. It kept running though, surprising the mage and so she then allowed the crossbow to vanish and summoned a whip instead, cracking it towards the figure and causing it to stop dead, turning it back in to regular ginger bread again. Relieved, she then came to a halt and tilted her head as she looked down at the odd creation. Just how on Fiore had it been able to come to life like that? Was it through magic? A special kind of baking? She pondered to herself for a few moments before she heard a whine from behind her.

    Turning around, she found herself face to face with a dog, who was looking hungrily at the gingerbread. Sarisha smiled and stood aside, allowing the dog to amble past her and eat what was left of the little man. The dog reminded her a bit of the one that she had befriended at Silverspoon's mansion. It had been just as hungry as that one had been until Sarisha had fed the bastard to him anyway. She briefly pondered to herself about where it was now and hoped that it had found a new owner or perhaps had taken control of its own life. In truth, she probably cared more about beasts than she did about people for some reason. Perhaps it was the fact that they did not hide their true nature as humans did and simply acted by instinct. Something that Sarisha could respect.

    After a few moments watching the hound, she then turned and walked away, this time adamant about leaving the place. She had learned quickly that it was never wise to hang around too long after one of her more violent encounters and the dead prince would certainly not remain hidden for long. No, she had to leave swiftly and in the end, she simply returned to the docks and dived in to the water, deciding to swim away for a change instead of running. Her magic gave her the gift of breathing underwater she would allow herself to experience the pleasure of being one with the water. It was not a pleasure that she got to enjoy often but she would make the most of it.

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