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    Dark Mages just want to have fun

    Mary Bonny
    Mary Bonny

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    Dark Mages just want to have fun Empty Dark Mages just want to have fun

    Post by Mary Bonny on 22nd August 2018, 1:08 pm

    So sad, so sad. Had they just given an invitation, Mary surely would've behaved. However, those insolent people invited all guilds, except dark guilds? Thinking about that made sense, since they are criminals. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was that Mary wanted to get drunk and people were denying her that. That was unacceptable! She will go to that festival, participate and ruin it before it's over, the other mages present be damned. Still without an invitation she probably wasn't going to be able to get in. And her previous dress got damaged on a previous job. So some improvisation was necessary.

    She eventually found a new guildless mage. A young girl barely discovered her magic, yet she was invited to this party and Mary was not. Well, let's see if the girl can defend herself and actually deserve her place on the festival. She probably didn't even knew anyone in there!

    She waited till the evening of the festival drew near. Waiting outside the girls lodging, apparently waiting for someone herself. Which was essentially true, just not in the way others thought about it. Mary had beforehand calculated the fastest route to the festival. The fastest route was through an alleyway. The problem of course, why would a young girl enter a shady alleyway if she could walk through the normal way which was plenty traveled, so nothing would happen. Of course, she'd just the plot ready. She placed one of her explosive barrels in spot. The moment the girl came close she'd throw a knife to a knife on top, which would cause the knife to fall onto the barrel, causing to explode. That would be her chance.

    "This way!"Mary said to the girl after making the barrel explode. Faking a rescue as she grabbed her hand and pulled her into the alleyway. Almost like a bed time story. Only here the rescuer is a pirate that wants to rob the victim blind. She quickly opened a door she broke down earlier in the day. Apparently belonged to a merchant that was on journey, wouldn't be back for a few days, but it provided a good spot to finish her preparations for the party. She busted the door when she checked the place earlier so it would open easily now when she really needed it.

    The girl looked thankful at the requip mage while bowing for the assistance. To which the pirate reacted by knocking the back of back of the girl with her hand to knock her out. It probably wasn't lethal. Mary checked the heart pulse of the girl, which was still going. Relieved the girl was alive she started to search her body and quickly found the invitation in her bag. She took off the dress of the girl and put it on herself. She left the bag here, but was sure to swipe her jewels away.

    She looked inside one last time as she left the warehouse. The dress was slightly on the small side for her, especially around her breast. But still it would work to finish her job. The girl was tied up, unconscious, bound and gagged. She didn't even get a chance to use her magic against her. She had her invitation and was dressed to party, so Mary no longer should have any difficulties entering the festival.

    As expected, entering the festival grounds was very easy once she had an invitation and a dress that didn't stand out too much. She knew she was supposed to cause trouble here because her guild mates depended on her causing trouble in retaliation for not giving them invitations. But that didn't mean she had to do so the moment she entered. Let the people enjoy they're evening a bit more. It only will be much more sweeter to crash the party when it's at it's highest.

    A really well dressed man appeared on a stairs leading to a higher part of the village started to ask for attention and started to speak in a loud voice. About 7 meters higher than the rest of the party he could be heard clearly over the entire plaza. Mary was only listening half, because she knew this was the moment she had to disrupt the speech and start the real party. All in all, he was about 51 meters away from were Mary was standing. She moved towards the table that held most of the snacks and pulled out her gun. Most people weren't paying attention to her and since she was standing out of eye sight nobody batched an eye at akzio appearing out of nowhere. She could see the people raising their glasses to mark the end of the speech. Instead, the pirate raised her gun and fired at the full glass of the rich man on top of the stairs. She could see the glass shatter and the red wine being spilled over the extremely expensive white suit. She took the opportunity to fire at some more glasses, usually of people dressed in white or if she happened to spot a guild mark from a legal guild. After about 5 shots or so the security had found it's way to her.

    She requiped her belt over the dress she was wearing and drew over the tablecloth from the table and threw it over the security member that was trying to bring her down. Many, many dishes and glasses fell down on the ground. While he pushed it away she stepped behind him and effectively tied him up with a tablecloth. She had to hurry now though. More security would arrive soon she drew a dagger from her belt and threw it at the wall where it kept stuck in the wall. She than used the flurry spell to make a makeshift ladder after which she used the daggers to jump to the roof, firing one more shot in the panicking crowd before disappearing into the night. Her daggers disappeared shortly after, meaning the only clue she ever was there was a panicked crowd.

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