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    To Hell and Back

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    To Hell and Back Empty To Hell and Back

    Post by Kaja Jelen 19th August 2018, 11:28 am

    The world was covered in wisps of silk or so it seemed. Mist hovered over the ground and partly covered the scenery of a marsh. A crescent moon and the stars shone bright and showed the way for a lone rider. His pale horse splashed a way through the muddy ground. The rider was clad in mail and over it he bore a tattered black coat, displaying a deer skull. A masked helmet hung on his back, over a black mantle. His heather shield bore the same device as his surcoat, hangs on the left side of his horse and a humongous axe on the right.  The rider's face was pale and his hair was white and brittle like straw. His eyes are cold as ice and glow eerie in the night.

    Godfrey was searching for the river Styx, rumours brought him to the marsh he was now. He followed one of its small streams and he hoped it would lead him to the main river which had to be the Styx. He followed the stream for hours and he was not bitten once by a mosquito while most would be plagued by them but Godfrey was their master and they let him be. Other streams branched into his stream and it grew bigger and bigger with each joining stream. The sun started to rise and the horizon started to glow. It was forenoon when he left the marshes behind him, the steam he was following could now be called a river. The river started to widen in the afternoon and in the cover of night, a thick blanket of mist hung over the water. Godfrey dismounted from his horse and stood at the water's edge. He took ono golden coins from his purse and threw it in the river. He heard dripping water and out of the mist appeared a boat. A man in reddish-brown clothing manned the boat with a pole. Charon had a long beard and his hair was a mess. His eyes seemed to hold dreary fires inside them.

    "Who passes,"
    asked Charon in a rough voice. "Godfrey of house Ushill, I seek passage to the underworld." Said Godfrey with his hoarse voice. "One gold piece," said Charon stern. Godfrey wanted to say he had given already a coin but knew it would be in vain. He took another coin from his purse and gave it to the ferryman. He took his axe from his horse and entered the boat. Charon pushed them through the mist, the world disappeared. It didn't take long before they moved out of the white world into a cavern big and mighty. There was a tunnel in the rock wall. The tunnel was teethed with long and sharp stones. Charon pointed at them, Godfrey knew he had to enter it to enter hell. The domain of his lord and master. He stepped out the boat and walked towards Hellmouth. He placed his helmet on his head before he entered.

    Godfrey entered a meadow of tall grass and flowers. A river flew slowly in the distance, its other side was forested. He was in Limbo. Godfrey walked onwards, in a straight line to reach the second circle. He had walked for a while now and then heard hooves. Godfrey turned his head around to see where it came from. A tall rider seated on a black horse rode behind him. The man was giant and his face was crowned with red hair and on his head, he wore a golden band. He wore a bronze breastplate and on his hip he held a broadsword. "I'm Ganting, King of Duoshang. Who goes there?" Asked a voice with the power of a rockslide. "I'm Godfrey. Count of Ushill and Crachton." Replied Godfrey. "What are you doing here?" Asked the mountain. "I'm looking for a friend of mine, who lives beyond this circle and the next. I'm going to lust" Said Godfrey. The redhaired giant shooked his head up an down. "I shall lend you a mount and travel with you." And so it was done.

    Ganting was true to his word and Godfrey had reached the second circle, the circle of lust. Before him stood a monster of great proportion. A snake being with scales in the colour of ivory and green eyes stood before him. Armed with a spear. It attacked Godfrey, he knew that he was not meant to be there and Godfrey replied with a swoop of his axe. Spear and axe clashed. Godfrey slipped past the spear and pressed his right hand against the snake beings his skin. The fire roared as it covered a large area around Godfreys hand. The creature cried in pain and swept Godfrey aside with his tail. Godfrey scrambled up just in time to deflect a spear thrust and hacked at the shaft of the spear. Another clash when the weapons met again and Godfrey slipped past his opponent. He pressed his hand against the burnt skin and it exploded in a furry of flames. The creature was flung back by the force but Godfrey said standing. He didn't wait for the creature to stand up, he jumped forward and hacked twice with his axe. The snake stabbed Godfrey in his upper leg and Godfrey slammed his axe down upon its wooden shaft but it did not break. Godfrey limped forward and gave another mighty stroke with his weapon and touched once more the skin of the beast. Lighting lashed out from his fingers. The snake retreated a couple passes and Godfrey leapt forward giving a series of dangerous slashes. Three times his blade hit flesh and twice it hid the wooden shaft which the creature used to shield himself. The snake hissed furiously and came down with his spear, the spearhead drove itself through the mail into the flesh of Godfrey's should. Who on his turn took a few steps back. Godfrey charged headlong, slashing with his axe. The snake tried to block but spearshaft shattered and Godfrey pressed his hand once more on the scaly skin and the touch of Godfrey's hand burned. A tail lashed out and Godfrey got knocked back and lopped the tail off. He hacked twice more at the beast and his axe fell out of his hands. The beast hissed and screamed and came charging with great anger at Godfrey. He received him with his bare hand and they touched and the beast fell to earth. Godfrey rested for a while and then once more set out to find the portal to Lilim.

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