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    ∂ση'т нυят му вαву! Empty ∂ση'т нυят му вαву!

    Post by Azrael 2nd August 2018, 7:54 pm

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    Children were fickle creatures, though, they were much more easier to understand. From the moment she'd stepped through the doors, from the moment the parents retreated into the evening, Natsu had been left to watch the child. Already he was sleeping soundly, from the hold of her cold arms to the eventual placing of his crib, there had been some discern for mess and anger, yet through the wails she knew every issue. It was such a gentle and delicate life that it made her sad, or perhaps it had been all the more amusing that humans had hardly changed from the children they had originally been.

    Irrational and emotional.

    Outside the room, there was whispers of conversation and the resound of feet against the wooden floors. Stepping from the placing quietly, she approached the pair that had just returned from their evening, softly displacing the slips of laughter that may have meant they'd been drinking just slightly.

    "How did it go?" Katy said with a smile, her husband to the left wandering towards the kitchen, "Everything was just fine, Katy. Your son is sleeping soundly." the eyes lit up as if relieved, fingers shuffling through various belongings in the purse, "Oh don't bother with that, rather I'm wondering if I may have something to eat? I'm quite hungry." there was innocence in every way at which she spoke, yet the mother was oblivious to the darkness that lingered in her own home.

    "Please, help yourself to something in the kitchen," exiting from the hall and towards the upstairs bedroom where her son slept, Natsu observed with the beginnings of a bare smirk. Within the kitchen she could hear Katy's husband pushing aside various objects in the fridge, feet motioning into a rotate as the flicker of royal blue flared against her features. There drawled an eerie mask, where the strings latched firmly to the back of the skull, as if living itself in the glow of the eyes. Unfortunately for the man which still had his back turned, there was barely a chance to react as the acute edge of a weapon tore through flesh.

    The omen was tainted in blood, leaving not a trace behind as every bit was swallowed whole, soaking her clothes and face in red. Surprisingly the other piece, was still upstairs, leaving her urgency to devour as much as possible into leaving the mess upon the floors. Time was taken with every step up the lift, the mask moving as if brought to life with each wavering pupil. Pushing the door open, the woman was settled in a nearby chair just beside the crib, dozing peacefully in the pale light of the moon which crept through.

    No hesitation, no thought. The monster held no such human emotions, tearing the spear through till it withdrew on the other side of the seating. Katy let out a gasp, startled till her own blood forced her breath back down into the sound of a choke. For a moment she could barely register what was happening till her contorted gaze met the features of the masked killer. "-hy? Are... why...?" she'd say, tears welling into the fearful pools.

    "I'm hungry." Natsu answered, as if it were something simple, "I'm so hungry, sometimes it feels like I could die from this feeling." there was momentary confusion, yet the waver of nerves that rattled painfully distracted her. Katy then looked towards her child in the crib, the boy that was now crying just as he'd been so persistent on doing earlier. "Don't... don't hurt- him!" forcing the words through with determination, it was plea, or had it been a threat. How determined a mother could be just for her child was a wondrous thing.

    "I don't eat snacks." there was a drawl in the inhuman tone, also taking a glance towards the child. Abruptly the hand reached towards the rear of the weapon, pushing it further forward before tearing it back out. Crimson splattered outward, contrast against the lightly colored walls as the woman held onto her wound. The insides leaked outward, her hands unable to hold it all together as she fell forward and onto the floor.

    Silence dawned within the house that had once been so full of life, the little boy left to cry in the loss of his parents. Where they had gone, nobody could truly tell, not even one that was so young. With a mind unaware of reality, it made sense that the memory would remain forgotten. Perhaps he would recall the darkness, the cool touch and the smell of iron that lingered around him. Till he could discern such things, she would come back.

    The mask tumbled to the floor, shattering in half.

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