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    thє cσldєst flσwєr Empty thє cσldєst flσwєr

    Post by Azrael 30th July 2018, 5:47 pm

    Job Information:

    It was the perfect time. Daylight had roused center into the afternoon, it was neither to hot nor' was it to cold. Company was scarce in the faltering citizens of Oak Town, yet it was hardly an overbearing crowd. Rather it had been quite relaxing.

    But, it was not scenery that enraptured her nerves in the slow build of restlessness. A potential meal had been given, or was it wrong to say it had been given? In truth this was meant to be a harmless task for any mage which craved riches and fame, repeating the cycle of small chores till they were able to take on something greater.

    That would change eventually.

    "Coldflower?" she would call, attracting the attention of an old lady that was just taking her leave from the market place. Arms full of what had only been presumed as gardening supplies in the information that had just recently been told. Bitterly in the form of a lady that was just as aged as the one before her, how amusing it was that the majority held an additional persona of behaving so.

    "Can I help you young lady?" the suspicious frown enacted a curl upon the lips, Natsu beamed in the hopes it may give the other some reassurance. "I'm here on the behalf of your neighbor, surely you know why?" despite the apparent innocence, the woman was well aware of her reason for being here. Or had it just been the fact that she had been exposed of this wicked contract? Either way there wasn't anything that could have been said or done. Slender fingers reached outwards, taking hold of one of the bags that the older lady had been endeavoring just to keep gathered in her arms.

    "Let me help you with that. Why don't we speak somewhere a bit more private?" a simple nod was all that had been needed, the hesitant pace of the one she followed led her towards where she had just come from a few days prior. Observing the apparent lady that had gone as far as to place danger in the direction of a fellow neighbor, Natsu had decided it to be vital of proof before the red could trace her tongue.

    Stepping from the cobble stone flooring, into the shrilling jerk of a wooden gate, greenery had now coiled around the pair. There was a strong scent of flowers, the distant hum of the birds and the persistent flow of water which tumbled into the measly spring. Certainly a nice place at which had been so eagerly attended, despite the intent in what essence could only be described as jealously.

    Of hatred.

    "You're quite a fickle woman, aren't you Miss Coldflower? How can such a beautiful garden be created by the likes of you? It's all quite comical." placing the belongings onto the nearby table, the company remained silent, in fact they had appeared quite panicky for being caught in the act, "Let them know the contract is over, the assassination is no more. It was all done on the iLac was it not? Why don't you do it right in front of me? That way it will be just a bit more convincing than your word." slowly the device was brought out, yet the dim light of the screen was not pointed her way. Few seconds passed, with every tap of the finger that moved so slow and uncertain, Natsu was beginning to wonder if the old lady had really been doing as she asked.

    Just a hunch it had been, the idea that she had request those that were meant to kill, should now come to the garden instead. Surely it had crossed her mind.

    Abruptly the hand snapped, taking hold of Coldflower's wrist as the object descended towards the grassy layer. "Seems you can't do anything right." coldly stated, there was a cry for help, dissipating on the breath which choked out against the force of a monster, drowned in the pool of red. Bones and limbs tore, shattering beneath the weight of powerful jaws as a little bird landed close by. Curious and unaware as the last of Miss Coldflower had disappeared from sight. As though she had never existed in the first place.

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