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    anyтнιng вυт cυтe


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    Private anyтнιng вυт cυтe

    Post by ghðst 15th July 2018, 6:54 pm

    Job Information:

    Weary gold peered from the dark lashes, weighty fragments draping over the crown by a cool layer of dew. Subject visibly in pursuit of the nearby torrent of descending water, tumbling through every crevasse of ancient stone within the hidden borough. Fresh green slipped upward, overlapping the placing in a momentary sensation of peace. However brief, or however false it may have been. His surroundings but offered him the time to be still in this constant strife of running, fleeing from the shadows that so desperately sought to confine him within the dark. It was not the necessity to be obscured that lured the presence into the front of a small dusty shop. Where the windows were so ragged and timely of their smooth appeal that one could not clearly glimpse into what lay inside. To grasp faith in the name of the apparent "plushie store" was all that could have brought him forth.

    Hesitation occurred, the fold of worn paper brushing against the careful influence of fingers. He had just wanted to make certain that the address was correct, still even upon confirmation there were misgivings that the entails of this task had been falsely written. As much as it knotted the good will into something of discomfort, he was still an individual that took orders. No matter how sinister the eventual aid would be. The door shrilled, metal chiming upon the top as he stepped into the outlet that seemed perfectly fitting for a child. Dolls of every shaping and size lay messily on carpeted floors and towering shelves, the visible counter empty of the answers he'd been hoping to be present. Or was it hopeful to determine otherwise?

    "Hello?" he'd call, pressing further into the placing. Movement to the left startled him, bedding of coral roused from the overbearing size of teddy bears. Within the mass was a young girl, so feeble in height she could have been considered a doll herself. At least that was what Theo had understood in the overall display. "Excuse me? Do you work here?" unsure in the words that slipped by, descending into the stillness of the forgotten shop, he did not bother to step closer. Distance, no matter how far, was suitable enough in the wary discomfort that obscured itself into one that was presumed as crude. "I'm here for a job," he continued, still eyeing the girl, brows furrowed as if baffled into a notion of annoyance or trouble.

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