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    Template testing Empty Template testing

    Post by Lilim on 13th July 2018, 1:33 pm

    0000 words
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    Ok! That is it! This is the final straw! I’ve had it with all you frickin’ trolls and all you frickin’ haters and all you frickin sonic fan fricks. You guys are the ones that ruined sonic for everyone! Cant you see that? What the frick! Are you guys doing! Asking for all this fricking garbage- why do we need sonic adventure 3? Why do we need sonic heroes 3? Why do we need anithr boost to win title? Why do we need a sonic 2006 sequel? Why do we need all that? Cant we have a 3d [environment] classic sonic game for crying out frickin loud! You guys killed the sonic series all you frickin fan fricks and your frickin fantasies spewed out at you by frickin poo merchants!!! I’m tired of all you fricks! I’m so frickin mad! I’m so frickin mad- I mean, you guys- you guys have officially made me lose my marbles!


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