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    Sure, I'm Totally a Legal Mage! [solo/job]


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    Sure, I'm Totally a Legal Mage! [solo/job] Empty Sure, I'm Totally a Legal Mage! [solo/job]

    Post by Iris 6th July 2018, 1:11 am

    Ah, Rose Garden! Now this was a place with some class. Magic was everywhere, the whole town was beautiful and thriving. Iris had already been to all of the bars in town and had subsequently been ejected for disruptive behavior from them all. This one girl had pretty eyes, so he'd wanted a closer look. He'd made a fair offer, there was nothing to get so upset about. So the locals were a little uptight! Iris didn't let a few overreacting people ruin his good time. He now wandered the sidewalks with a swagger in his step and a bottle in his hand, crimson scarf fluttering majestically. He was turning heads, though none of those heads interested him yet. No, his buzz was pleasant and he was waiting for someone worthy to cross his field of blurry vision.

    Rounding a corner, his roving eyes were met with a long, lively line of waiters. It was the town square, and at the end of the line was some sort of tent with official looking folk inside. The line itself was made of all sorts. Singles, families, lone children, old people...all restless and tired of the long wait. Looked like a total bore. He was just about to turn tail and find something else more entertaining when he locked eyes with the most gorgeous set of peepers he'd seen in a while. His breath caught in his chest. They were mismatched - his favorite- and the most peculiar colors at that. One was like a sunset, gold fading to coral around the pupil, while the other was galaxy-like in it's fade from purple to deep blue. His heart skipped a beat. Stomach aflutter, he slowly approached her, carefully thinking out his tactic. Well, as carefully as a drunk could plan.

    Ditching the bottle, he straightened his clothes and made sure his hair was still laying perfectly before he headed right for her. Confidence was key, and he was definitely not short in that department. Why was she standing here? A quick search yielded a sign for passports. Ah, more legal mage BS. She was more than halfway through the wait, so at least if he joined in he wouldn't be investing too much time.

    Mustering up a desperate and worried expression, he reached her calmly. "Excuse me, miss," he began. She was skeptical. "Could you help me? I really need to get my passport today so I can rescue my little brother who got into an accident in the country of Seven. I'm afraid they will close down before I can make it through, and he...he might not make it if I can't leave today!" he explained his lie. He was quite the actor, and thought himself a skilled liar. Add a little extra moisture to the rims of his pale lavender eyes, and let the hormones do the rest. She thought it over, chewing her bottom lip. "I heard a rumor that the cut off is right around in here. If I delay, I....he...."

    "Yes, you can join me here," she agreed, much to the grouching of those within earshot. "Oh my gosh, thank you so much, miss!" he gushed, sliding into the fold of people like a snake into a mouse den. Between the woman's shame-on-you stare and Iris's murderous glare from over her shoulder, he slid right into her personal space, and the game began. Her name was Nel, and she was a stunning creature indeed. He could sense the magic in her eyes. He simply had to collect them! The rest of the waiting in line was spent in idle chit chat and getting to know one another....and by that it meant she was spilling her life's story and he was making up things as he went. The reached the desk, she claimed to be a non-mage, while he proudly insisted he was a legal mage, which seemed to impress her.

    Passports in hand, they walked with each other as if to say their goodbyes and make hopeful plans to see each other again. Little did she know, she wouldn't be seeing much of anything soon...



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