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    Post by Guest 6th June 2018, 5:19 pm

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    Post by NPC 6th June 2018, 5:22 pm

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    Post by Guest 6th June 2018, 11:57 pm

    Fairy Tail. From Savannah's past knowledge of them, they used to be a legal guild set on advancing and discovering about magic and artifacts of the past. They were a fairly friendly guild, one of the most popular in fact. People from all around would come to join the guild of faeries, looking for friendship, family, and all that lovey dovey shit that should honestly just stay in children's fiction where it belonged. But something happened to this largely successful group just about over two to three years ago. Something that shook the guild to it's very core. A Coming Storm emerged admits their group, a dark mage that the council perceived as a threat. A little girl by the name of Lucie. A cold blooded killer. Of course, all they had to do was throw her out and they were safe. But, well, they didn't do that. Instead, they chose to keep Lucie, and in turn, the council took away their legal status, and labeled them as a dark guild. Funnily enough, soon after that Lucie left their ranks. And with them not causing too much trouble, the council forgave them somewhat and bumped their status back up to that of an independent guild. But ever since that drop their relations with the magic council have never quite been the same. In fact, a lot of the council members still hate the group to this day for the path they chose. Which, is where the sniper came in. On this day, it was her duty to make sure the guild suffered a little for their actions. Making them suffer, because they didn't want to throw out a member they thought they could help. Perhaps it was a little corrupt of them. But honestly, by now Savannah had done so much dark and shady stuff for them that stuff like this didn't surprise her. The council was surprisingly petty. Get on their wrong side, and they were going to make sure you knew where you stood with them.

    The brunette balanced her sniper rifle upon the edge of the window, the window of a little abandoned apartment she had chosen for this specific assassination. Mrs Dandelion. A old widow, an herbalist to be exact. This was one of the women that largely promoted the guild of Fairy Tail, even with their neutral status. Apparently, she used to be a member of the guild. Figured as much. Just wanted to support her old guild. But the council wanted nothing of that. She was a friendly face in the community, one that many people knew. She was a threat, to them and the legal guilds. If she kept promoting for Fairy Tail, it would never die. And while Savannah herself could give less of a rat's ass about what guilds were getting promoted, she had a job to do. Sorry, old lady. But when her own life depending on killing you, you were already six feet under.
    The hunter flicked her head back, getting some of her hair out from her face. She leaned down more onto the wooden floor boards with her knees, trying to shoulder it more comfortably for the inevitable recoil from the fire. Green speckled oculars peered into the scope mounted atop of the rifle, looking down into the old hag's garden just below. A few minutes ago, like she always does, she came out to tend to her small and growing garden. It was nice, to see a lady to dedicated to her routine that she did it every single day on the dot. It was nice, because then that just made killing her all the more easier.
    The girl fingered the trigger, ready to fire as soon as she was able to get a stable shot. So she kept her crosshair on the back of the woman's head, trying to line it up right despite being at a weird angle, being up higher while she was on the ground. The small space the window gave didn't help much, and she had to be careful about how much she allowed the muzzle to show out the window. Never knew who was watching...

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    Post by Ambrosia 8th June 2018, 11:05 pm

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    The train she had been on earlier was separated into two areas, public and private, well of course when two luxury cars were attached to the back her mind had grown silent with curiosity. it hadn't been hard to sneak in, with a sweet face and a smile, a hand that trailed across a guards body lingering in certain areas whilst she wore the uniform so similar to that of a private school it hadn't been hard to slide into the luxury cars. Whilst it had only been to enjoy the casual lifestyle of the highly ranked when a fight had broken out between a couple of officers surely there was nothing wrong with snagging their bags before sorting through them behind the bar counter. Most of it was useless, either encrypted, coded, or random weapons or technology that simply appeared boring. She had stuffed a small pouch and a letter with expensive looking paper in her pocket before letting her eyes draw forth fake tears and 'fleeing' to the public section. Well of course the guards had just sorted out the officers fight, forgetting about such a woman who had only been fleeing from violence. Those idiots wouldn't do something like that again. Well, she sat on the small outside metal platform between the front of the locomotive and the cars, legs danging off as each metal slat flashed by in a blur the fine little letter was sliced open with a knife. Not a dent in the page remember, of she was lucky perhaps she could just chuck it in a mailbox later and this 'Aerin Huntress' lady who was supposed to receive it would be none the less wiser.

    The contents far more interesting that what she had expected Ambrosia had already to mentally shuffle around her schedule. There had been three days between receiving the letter and the specified meeting date, plenty of time to get herself situation in this Magnolia and prepare to complete AH's job for her. It was indeed a rather detailed letter, outlining a date, time and location to meet 'another agent'  
    So apparently this Aerin creature was an agent for the magic council judging by the logo pressed into the corner of the page. A few brief lines followed, they were both being sent to attack the guild Fairy Tail, although apparently the other might not know of her arrival, an enclosed token when activated would hide any current guild marks and replace it with that of Fair Tail huh, there was advanced technology indeed. Perhaps it would be worth sending this back to the upper echelon for a more formal analysis. Yet when killing these listed targets with an unlisted partner how was she supposed to deceive the other in such a way that would lead to a smooth operations. Well no matter, even if she did fail that would only lead to more amusing adventures.

    So it was with a swirl of skirts that she arrived neatly on time, two and three quarter minutes past the agreed time she had been told to arrive at with a smooth click of her heels she simply danced with great care up the stairs, peering into the room with a slight smile. Another was laying down, sniper rifle trained on the house a slight cough similar to the one that pink lady from the wizard films gave. Well pressed yet the shades of red from her uniform stood out, completely human in appearance with hair in neat ringed braids yet a slight feeling of forgetfulness lay inside. Perhaps, no she couldn't have, yet could she have forgotten to do something before turning up. "Well hello, I suppose you are the other agent whom I'm supposed to meet?" A young female, not quite what she imagined when the term magic council agent had been flung around.
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    Post by Guest 2nd July 2018, 3:09 pm

    It was the perfect shot. The old woman had crouched down onto her knees in order to tend to her precious flowerbed, grabbing the small trowel beside her and digging at the dark soil carefully. She was oblivious, none the wiser that Savannah was positioned above her, able to take her life away in one quick reflex. It was a bit empowering, to know that someone could take away a life with just the pull of a trigger. It was what her family had learned very quickly once they were sucked into the bounty hunting business, and it's what inevitably kept them there for the rest of their days. Why kill actual monster when the human ones fell more quickly when you shot them?
    Even now the rush of the hunt, the thrill of the kill, filled her with a sort of glee. It was euphoric, making her body tingle in a way that normally people wouldn't feel unless they paid some shady lady in the back alley. She always enjoyed the few seconds before the death of another, ever since she was a kid. Even if she didn't like the magic council or what they were forcing her to do, she at least enjoyed that she got to kill and get away with it. She need not worry about getting arrested or in trouble. This was all perfectly legal, as long as she kept herself hidden.

    A small smirk formed onto the edge of the young hunter's lips, her brown speckled gaze gaining a sudden light from her usual dull expression. The crosshair lined up perfectly with the side of the old widow's head. From this angle, despite it being a little uncomfortable for her, she was sure to get a clean shot. No spray, no mess. It straight through the skull and out the other end.
    Taking a small breath in the brunette fingered the trigger, stroking it once to assure herself it wouldn't slip before she pressed in and fired. However, at the moment of fire a delicate voice suddenly rose up from behind her. Due to the surprise and suddenness of this, at the last moment the girl tensed up and accidentally pushed the muzzle a few inches to the left. The bullet fired, flying through the air. But instead of hitting the old lady it shot through a flower pot a few meters away from her, shattering both it and the flowers which it held. Thankfully, being so caught up in her digging the lady didn't even seem to notice, as she carried on humming and patting down the dirt. But still, even though her cover wasn't blown Savannah wasn't exactly happy to have almost gotten caught. Watching for a few moments with wide eyes, making sure the old lady really hadn't seen a pot literally explore right beside her the huntress would turn back around with an annoyed glare, looking the pale haired woman up and down before settling onto her face. Just who was this? She said she was an agent... But she sure didn't look the part. She was way too flashy, and who the hell fought in high heels? Was she new? If so, she was going to be in for a long job...
    "Dumbass! You made me miss my shot!" Sav hissed angrily, practically seething. She grabbed her rifle down from the window roughly, pointing it into this other woman's face as if to emphasize just how pissed she was. "You're lucky i have sturdy enough of reflexes to not have shot you a new hole."
    She let out a grumble, lowering the gun from the fancy-looking girl's face, leaning it against her chest pointing upwards. Using her hands she would retrieve a cigarette from her back pocket, using the other to pull out a lighter. Plopping the cigarette between her lips she would flick the lighter with her thumb, bringing it up to the end of the cigarette to light it. After getting so angry, this would be the only thing to calm her down. Well, besides a drink. But she didn't have alcohol on her right now, and drinking before shooting was never a good idea. She didn't care much for rules, but she was at least smart enough to know that was a bad idea. She leaned back lazily, huffing in both letting the smoke out through her lips. Feeling a little calmer she looked back up to the woman, giving her a curious look with narrowed eyes.

    "You're an agent? That's funny, no one told me i'd have a partner. I normally work alone." Taking the cigarette between her fingers she would flick some of the embers at the floor just a little from where the girl was standing. She had never had a partner before. Usually, it was just her, seeing as how she was good at taking care of her targets. So why now did the council want her to have a partner? It didn't make sense. When this was over, she was going to give them a piece of her mind.

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