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    Volcanic Vacation


    Volcanic Vacation Empty Volcanic Vacation

    Post by Guest on Thu 31 May 2018 - 22:04

    Job Title: Volcanic Vacation
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: S Rank or above
    Solo Word Count: 12,000 words
    Group Word Count: 24,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Clear the enemies and save the resort.
    Job Location: Unknown Lands
    Job Description:
    Congratulations. For whatever reason you have ended up in a very popular vacation resort and spa. Maybe you are here for that relaxing time an experienced mage such as yourself needs, maybe you just finished up another mission and your client happened to be staying there, or maybe some portal magic went wonky and you appeared from out of nowhere. Whatever brought you here doesn't really matter. What does matter is that things start going into meltdown at some point during your stay. The nearby volcano has erupted and the resort is now being invaded by pesky and powerful elementals of all sizes. Naturally it only makes sense to help clear them out so everyone can get back to their vacation, right? Assuming there is even a resort left to vacay in. The eruption itself must also be stopped before the resort is lost under a river of lava and fogs of smoke. The mega rich company that owns the resort is offering to pay a good deal of jewels for those that help out in this crisis towards their resort. Saving their guests is also a thought too...


    The elementals come in all shapes and sizes. Starting from cute little doll sized elementals that try to look deadly but fail to giant elementals that are the size of houses. What they are made of varies between fire, smoke, lava, and steam. Be careful though. The bigger they are then the more power and strength they have.


    Those that travel to the volcano will find an even larger foe waiting for them. If the volcano is ignored then it will eventually pay a visit to the resort to eliminate those that are destroying its kind and interrupting THEIR vacation.


    Reward: 155k Jewels

    -- credit to Samira Nassar

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