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    Spooky Scary Sock Puppets [C-Rank Exam]

    Vhesira Lithvir
    Vhesira Lithvir

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    Spooky Scary Sock Puppets [C-Rank Exam] Empty Spooky Scary Sock Puppets [C-Rank Exam]

    Post by Vhesira Lithvir 26th May 2018, 3:26 pm

    Vhesira was currently sitting down on the floor, her legs sticking out in a V shape and her hands planted on the floor as she practically glared at the wall ahead of her. Her brow twitched a bit as she felt that again. How had this happened? Why had it happened? She'd come into this store because it looked kind of cute, but by Earthland, it was horrifying! Or... at least it was exceedingly annoying. She'd wandered around for a good thirty minutes, browsing the shops wares for a bit, before she started to notice something... odd. There were no other customers, for one. For another... the person at the front counter hadn't moved even once. He just sat there, reading a magazine.

    Eventually she'd gone over ask them how long the store had been here, as she'd never seen it before. And that, that is when she discovered that the cashier was a giant plushie! How did that makes sense? It was creepy as hell, and she decided right then that she had no desire to stay any longer. Which, of course, is when she went to the door... and it fell off the wall as she grabbed the handle. Because, of course, the door was a damn plushie as well. Suddenly, there were doors everywhere throughout the store, and she couldn't tell which were real or fake. To make matters worse? Now the various socks and plushies were floating about, following her, and rubbing up against her as if trying to get her attention. They seemed completely harmless, but it was still creepy.

    So now here she was, seemingly trapped in a store that seemed to exclusively sell novelty socks and plushies. Everything was still very cutesy, but when a bunch of socks and plushies were floating around after her and bumping into her repeatedly, it got really annoying quite quickly. Finally, she turned toward a plushie that appeared to be modelled after a wyvern. "...You wouldn't happen to know how I could get out of here, would you?" The wyvern plushie responded by doing a barrel roll in the air, and then latching onto her chest as if it was hugging her. No, wait... it was moving a bit...

    She suddenly blushed and swatted it off of her chest as she realized the damn thing seemed to be humping her breasts, quickly wrapping her arms around her chest and just glaring at all the annoyances around her. "This place is getting creepier..." She finally stood up, and started checking the doors again. And had to keep swatting away that wyvern plushie, which seemed determined to latch itself to her chest, butt, or even her face. She didn't know why a wyvern plushie was apparently a pervert, and she didn't want to know. She tried ten different doors before something changed. Namely, a voice spoke up, seeming to echo from everywhere.

    "Lost, young lady? If you wish to leave, you must either play with us, or answer our riddle!" Vhesira tensed, realizing at this point that whoever was responsible for this, must be in the building somewhere. She closed her eyes for a second, focusing. Where was it... where was it.... there! Vhesira spun and charged, vaulting over one of the shelves and tackling the figure that was crouched in the shadows, pinning them to the ground.

    "Next time you try to hide from a mage, try concealing your magic better. I could sense you, idiot!" She pulled the hood off the figure, surprised to see a mousy looking woman, maybe a bit younger than her. The woman blinked a bit up at her, and laughed nervously.

    "Um... hello..." She let out a little shriek as Vhesira slammed a fist into the floor next to her head, cracking the floor.

    "Let me out of here or I'm going to shove one of these plushies down your throat." The woman nodded quickly, and Vhesira glanced around as she watched the fake doors fade, the real one reappearing.

    "I just was playing around... I wasn't gonna hurt you or anyone..." She sounded and looked contrite, but Vhesira's brow twitched.

    "Care to explain why that wyvern is currently humping my ass then?"

    "...Um... you're cute..." The woman blushed, and Vhesira just rolled her eyes as she let her up, swatting the wyvern away again as she stormed out. "P-please visit again! My name is-"

    "I don't care!" Vhesira was just eager to get the hell out of there. She wasn't going to be entering any strange shops again any time soon. She'd admit, the mousy girl was cute. If only she wasn't being so creepy...

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