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    Cooking for Kiko [Poko's B-Rank Exam]


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    Cooking for Kiko [Poko's B-Rank Exam] Empty Cooking for Kiko [Poko's B-Rank Exam]

    Post by Pokomon 14th May 2018, 3:21 am

    Poko had felt herself grow stronger over the past few months, she'd completed several jobs, some with help from others and some by herself, feeling ready to take the next step she had decided it was time to attempt to summon the next guardian of the stars mentioned in the book. She had first asked Zephyr for advice, to which he had simply stared down at the golden tome sitting upon her desk and used his wind magic to open it to the page with Kiko's information. So the next summon he wanted her to attempt to bring to Earth Land was Kiko huh? From the image given she was fairy fox like, with three matching tails, it somewhat reminded her of one of her previous guild mates, before he had decided to leave to join another guild. There were still a few things she needed to prepare before attempting to summon the new guardian though. From previous experience she had easily passed out from lack of magical energy, due to the strain that summoning one of the star's guardians took to bring them into a new world for the first time. Poko thought maybe there was some way she could counteract this so she would only have to summon her once to complete the ritual, with Shisa and Yuuko she had had to summon both of them a second time in order to make the telepathic link as she had completely knocked herself out from simply granting them access to portal themselves to Earth Land.

    With a small nod, and one last glance at the page of the golden book that held the information on the next guardian of the stars Poko got up from her desk chair, glancing around at some of the names of the novels in her room till her eyes landed on one she had been looking for 'Cooking with Magic'. The blonde was actually atrociously terrible at cooking, causing several explosions and quite a lot of damage to the guild kitchen the last time she had attempted to just simply fry a magical egg. To be fair, she was attempting to infuse it with some magic that obviously reacted negatively, she had at least gotten some research complete with her trials, although it could hardly be called a success. That was in the past though, she was certain if she was following a recipe and not just adding random magical ingredients things would go a little smoother. Besides, someone had once told her that cooking was like chemistry and she was brilliant at that sort of thing, so what could possibly go wrong?

    It was quite late in the evening and the guild chefs and cooks would be packing up and leaving, ensuring that there were still snacks and meals available at at the ready should a member wish to reheat something after returning from a long trek or just wanting a little midnight snack. Carefully Poko sneaked in, making sure not to be spotted or make a single sound, using her air magic to make her footsteps absolutely silent, once she was sure the kitchen was clear and Mizumi wouldn't catch her in here she took the book she had held under her arm out and opened up to the food she was going to make that would apparently increase her maximum magical power. It was meant to be used during combat but it would work just as well in her case. She already knew that the guild had all the ingredients she needed, but finding them was a little tricky, especially anything on the top shelf, she had to use her magic to allow her to hover without accidentally blowing the already collected foods around the place, but eventually she had everything she needed including utensils.

    Poko read over the cook book, triple checking to ensure she had measured out each one of the ingredients perfectly before beginning to follow the recipe's instructions. First she preheated the oven to the temperature she had read then began slowly adding each of the items one by one into a large mixing bowl, stirring it all together till it became a large glob like substance. Well it hadn't exploded yet, that was a fairly good sign right? It had included quite a number of magical foods that could have potentially caused issues if not used correctly, she just hoped that no one would notice a couple missing in the morning. Happy that she had mixed everything together perfectly she poured the batter into the tray she had greased, honestly she was surprised herself how good this was all going, sliding the tray into the preheated oven and closing the door before setting a nearby timer for exactly 25 minutes. She wanted to follow the recipe exactly after all, to ensure it would work this time. The blonde sat on the kitchen floor, staring into the oven door as she watched the chemical reaction between the ingredients and the heat of the oven begin, forcing the batter to rise and become nice and fluffy, it even smelt amazing. Suddenly she remembered she should probably clean up, so she did so as she waited, it didn't take her too long, she'd only used a few measuring tools, the bowl and a spoon to mix after all.

    As soon as she heard the first ding of the timer she opened the oven door, putting an oven mitt on and pulling the tray out, it smelt even better now she could get a clear whiff of the scent, she then tipped it over to release the cake onto a cooling rack. Poko then put the tray in one of the dishwashers before heading up to her room, carting the cake on the rack as she raced up, still being certain to keep the noise down as not to wake anyone as she went back to her room. She was so incredibly happy she had managed to successfully cook something for the first time all by herself, however, the main test was still to come... THE TASTE TEST! Once she was certain it was cool enough she broke a piece off with her hands, shoving it into her mouth, it was so warm and delicious she nearly forgot why she had baked it in the first place. AH RIGHT! She suddenly realised looking again at the picture of the little fox-like guardian on the page, she concentrated hard, picturing down to the last fur follicle before chanting "I call upon you, Kiko, guardian of the stars!" with a bright pink puff of smoke suddenly a the one she had imagined was right before her. Poko felt the magical power drain but not to the point of passing out, the cake had definitely worked, she would need to note that down after, but not quite yet. She rested her forehead against her new fluffy summon asking permission to link their minds, a wish that was granted before Poko suddenly couldn't help herself hugging her new adorable friend, who didn't seem to mind too much as it snuggled into her chest as the two of them fell asleep at her desk.
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