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    No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members)

    Quill Scorchwood
    Quill Scorchwood

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    No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members) Empty No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members)

    Post by Quill Scorchwood 21st April 2018, 11:15 pm

    It had seem that the guild didn't have a personal black smith, since Quill had join he thought of starting up a forge in the guild for research on new forging technique and new weapons maybe even some new armor styles. So he had set up a forge area where the heat wouldn't bother anyone in the guild hall, some people started to group around the place asking for Quill to make them a weapon. Quill put down his sign which said,"You must pay for my works, will except different kinds of payment. All payments must be give before getting your order." Most of them walked away but some stayed, they gave Quill a form payment, this made him happy because people are coming to him to get his goods and not try to screw him over. The best part was that it was outside where Quill can see the sky above him and not feel like he is a prisoner there.

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    No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members) 25mifd

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    No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members) Empty Re: No Order is Free, so Pay up (Open to SW members)

    Post by Pokomon 22nd April 2018, 8:30 pm

    Poko trudged up the mountain, completely exhausted, after a week in total traveling to and from Hargeon Town and back to get herself a passport she was completely spent physically. As she moved up the snow covered mountain her eyes fixed onto her beloved guild hall longingly, finally she was back. The blonde released a small sigh in relief, the moisture in her warm breath condensing into tiny droplets of liquid water and ice, forming a small cloud like patch of fog in front of her mouth. As she moved closer to the guild hall the cold tundra surrounding the hall cleared away, the warmth of the magic around the base warming her up as she strolled past the beautiful garden and snow bunnies frolicking around as she made her way towards the entrance.  Her familiar Zephyr upon her shoulder, hiding beneath her hair as he clutched on with his little paws, on every adventure he seemed to draw attention of onlookers, although Poko didn’t blame them. He was quite odd in appearance, while he mostly resembled a white rabbit, he had two incredibly long purple ears and a tail to match. He also had a small tuft of purple fluff like a mane of sorts and a small yellow horn on top of his head. The creature known as Zephyr nuzzled into Poko’s neck as he noticed they were drawing near their home, making Poko smile as she gave him a little pet.

    Poko stared with bright blue eyes at the guild base one last time, taking it all in before heading over to push open the doors , however something peculiar caught her eye, was that smoke? Poko furrowed her brow, that didn’t seem right, was somewhere on fire? Poko raced inside, forcing the doors open, her snow covered boots thumping on the wooden floorboards beneath her.  Ignoring the painted wall she usually stared at for hours, she would find the closest worker and ask them if they were aware there was a fire somewhere around the guild hall. However, the simply laughed at the short girl making her frown, her eyes shining a bright red, this wasn’t a time to be laughing. When the worker saw her frown she stopped, realising that Poko was serious, and quickly explained to her that one of the guild members had begun working on a forge in the back of the base, where members could get themselves weapons and the like if they wished.

    The blonde girl immediately let the stress flow out of her with a long sigh, calming back down and her eyes turning orange as she wondered curiously who this guild member could be. While she had just returned from a long journey she still managed to find the energy to make her way to the far side of the guild base, making her way outside, to find a forge area had been set up not too far from the base, but far enough that it wouldn’t cause fire related accidents. Poko nodded to herself, happy to see they hadn’t been completely stupid about positioning, however when her eyes caught sight of a familiar face she sighed once more. Looks like she was going to have to speak to him sooner than she had anticipated once again, it would be rude after all to turn tail and run the other way. While she found it uncomfortable to be around Quill lately, she reluctantly forced herself to smile and wave shouting out, “Hi Quill!” once she figured she was close enough for him to hear over the burning coals of the forge she would ask "What's all this then?" with a slight tile of her head. This caused her golden locks to shift to the side with her, revealing Zephyr on her shoulder. The familiar’s purple eyes scanned around Quill looking for signs of Stormfang or Ava.

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