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    NoT oN mY wAtCh;; Desiree.

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    NoT oN mY wAtCh;; Desiree. Empty NoT oN mY wAtCh;; Desiree.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 1st April 2018, 9:59 pm

    NoT oN mY wAtCh;; Desiree. Chino_by_serukui-da08gxw

         One of the most annoying things these days was the fact she had rushed off to Talonia so quickly all after that stupid little rumor. At the current moment since she had not brought anything with her the wind mage had no access to any of her equipment nor her fiances, which left her in a weird situation. At least it's given me the chance to get close with Lu-Lu again. The only good thing to come out of this trip so far was temporarily moving in with her childhood friend but even that was bitter in after taste, salted with her tears and only half baked, if that. He had no idea who she really was, everyday she watched him leave or sit there depressed and had not even a twelve of the power she once had to influence him. Jiyu was desperate to tell Lucius the truth, but it wasn't that simple in her own mind, he was not going to take it well and she was sure of that, the assassin didn't easily grow attached to someone and he had been attached to Mikka then she just up left him, there would be a cost to pay. This will help for sure. Yet, ever the clever witch she had a plan, she was going to get her childhood friend drunk off his ass before even attempting to bring up the subject. However, lacking money, getting the wine to do this with was going to be another task.

    Of course, Jiyu wasn't without a plan, she had a perfect plan and the practice to pull it off.

        Small bare feet walked along the ground strangely scraping the pavement as she scampered along it, looking for a bar along the numerous packed buildings lining the streets. Having grown up a good deal of time on the streets in the first place? Jiyu was adjusted to not always being able to do things legally and considering she had shapeshifting now it would be even easier then when she was a child, though she took the form of one to ensure this. Easy, in and out just like before. The young child slipped into the liquor store making no noise and thus not drawing the attention of the cashier nor the paying shoppers. A small pale hand lifted to tug with one of the ears on her sweater, remind herself this was really her only option, if she was going to get him drunk she couldn't ask him to buy the product. It didn't even take any consideration, small hand grabbing two bottles shoving them under her shirt with skill, stuffing her hands in her shorts pockets in such a way her arms kept the bottles from falling while also preventing her hidden treasure from being seen.

    "That was easy as always."

       The comment was spoken a good two minutes after she walked out of the store with her stolen cargo already a decent distance away from the store. While the heist had been very successful? She was unaware that someone had witnessed what she did, albeit only one person.


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