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    Yves Riyoshi
    Yves Riyoshi

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    Post by Yves Riyoshi on 24th March 2018, 11:29 pm


    The land of Fiore was full of people and animals which hunted each-other, some being in order to survive and others in order to exterminate and express hatred onto another species. A singular man which owned a large farm in the Neutral Grounds named Mr. Jekis; he was far too much, considering he dedicated his life into two main practices. The first of his practices was that of farming, the second being that of the hunt; the order to exterminate vampires. This old man was someone that nearly nobody liked; the growth of plants was a competition in the eyes of the surrounding farmers, therefore a job was posted in order to burn away their ultimate rival. However, Victoria was here for much darker means. Revenge was something that can be described as terrifying and driving, both of which made the blood in her veins boil as she walked across the soil of the large farm that she was to burn down. The vampire hunter had killed an innocent and young vampire simply because of her species; she was there for revenge of the young child of the Crimson Night. As her long drills of black hair fluttered through the air, the moon above glistened among her skin, along with the light being produced from the flaming Molotov Cocktail in hand. This is exactly what the little girl would have wanted, his life to be ruined in order for her death to be avenged; she was sadistic, just like one of her future leaders. Sitting among a wooden platform of his barn, Mr. Jekis was sawing away at some wood for a project he was beginning to work on, his eyes widening at the sight of the red eyes that met his across the farm.

    Wings projecting out of her back in the form of bat-wings, Victoria shot into the skies as the old man quickly shot upwards and grabbed his gardening hoe in hand, pointing it directly toward the girl. "Vampire! Another one, disgusting!" he exclaimed as he began to hold his weapon tighter, the black-haired vampire gripping the lit bottle of flames in hand as she sat still in the sky. "You will pay for your actions, eliminating Gracie Loraine of The Crimson Night!" she screamed as her eyebrows arched, angrily throwing the Molotov Cocktail through the sky in a spinning manner of fire and glass. After its flight, the cocktail landed upon the platform he was standing upon and burst into a fiery inferno, igniting the platform into fire very quickly along with the surrounding plants. Before long, the farmer was engulfed into flames himself, trying to put them out by rolling on the ground; it was no use, as the ground was also coated in flames. His body passing out on the ground he was rolling upon and slowly melting away in the flames, the vampire laughed very loudly as she watched the fire grow from the plants surrounding the platform into the fields in which he owned; the job was completed. All of his beloved crops began to turn into wilted ashes, just like his body. The revenge of little Gracie was completed, as well as the request of the corrupt farmers in the lands around; the reward for this simple murder and ignition would be very worth it. The flames coating the once vibrant land into a heap of orange and red below her, Victoria rose into the skies and began to quickly fly back to the central base of her vampire brood in order to notify them that their target had been eliminated.

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