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    Daddy?(Rina's B rank exam)


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    Daddy?(Rina's B rank exam) Empty Daddy?(Rina's B rank exam)

    Post by Musicalbunny 21st March 2018, 7:34 pm

    Rina got a call on her phone a few days ago telling her to come to this very place. The hospital where she left her dad to get care. As she looked down she couldn't get herself to look up from the ground. She didn't want to hear what was going to come. She didn't want to be there at all because in her heart she knew what was going to happen and she couldn't handle it. She just wanted to be in a corner and cry it all out until she didn't have anything to cry about anymore. She could remember the last day they all spent together as a family. The day her dad got sick, extremely sick. She remembered the lovely breakfast they got from what Rina stole that morning. They were all laughing at what had happened the day before. She remembered how her sister talked about how school was going for her with her and her new friends. Her mother talked about an amazing interview she had that might've helped them find a home. The father was talking about how he was feeling tired the day before and took a nice long nap for the first time in forever. Everything was good and happy until it wasn't. She remembered going to get something, she couldn't remember what but when she came back she saw her dad on the floor with his eyes rolled into his head. Rina ran towards him and she cried trying to get someone to help them...but yet no one did. No one cared for the homeless people who were having issues because they were just pieces of trash like the trash they lived in. Rina had to take it upon herself in order to help her father. She led her mother and sister to help her pick up her dad. Once they did they tried to go as fast as they could to the hospital. They tried to get there as fast as they could but once they got there the medics seemed to have a troubled look on their faces as the homeless people came in carrying an older man. Rina cried for help as several medics ran into the room and took him away. Rina was waiting in the waiting room for hours, quite like how she was now, but before it was even more painful for her. She thought her father had died but when they came into the room they said he was breathing but they weren't sure he was going to wake up. That night Rina never left his side as she cried tears of heartache for her father. That was the day she decided to join a guild so she could pay for her father to live just a little longer even if he was never going to be truly alive. She remembered walking out the door that day, coming out a new person. She even remembered the day she heard that voice call to her as she fell into a bush and gained her first requip. As the flashback dissolved she looked up at one of the medics as they called out her name. Rina looked at the redheaded med girl as she asked Rina to follow her. Rina complied but with an ache in her heart as the girl brought her to her father's room. As she walked in she saw her father's face as though he was in tons of peace. She felt a tear go down her face as she looked at him with hopeful eyes. When the medic closed the door slowly she was silent and had a saddening look on her face. Rina could feel her aura as if Rina knew what she was going to say. As a tiny sound came out of the mouth of the female medic, Rina burst out in tears trying not to listen to the girl. The girl then held Rina's face as she said to her, "Ma'am I know this is hard to hear but...there is nothing more we can do. Your father can not take any more magic or he'd die from an overdose. We need you to sign some papers or your father will be in even more pain than he was before. Please do this for him..." Rina looked down at her father and remembered his voice, and how amazing of a dad he was. He always brought her up when she was down and it made her a better person. She looked down at the bracelet she got when she was 7. It was from her father, and she remembered his words so clearly as if she heard them every day of her life, "This bracelet is my love to you. I will always be wrapped around your arm whenever you need me. So even if I'm away or gone somewhere, just know I will always be near." She could still feel his hug every time she looked at the bracelet. When she opened her mouth after the silence, a simple word could be heard, "Fine..." Rina couldn't believe she said it. She couldn't believe she did it even as the girl came in with the papers. Rina took the pen shakily as she started writing her signature. After she finished her first name she looked at the paper and saw drops of water on them. The water went from 5 drops to 10 and then to 20. Rina put her hand on her cheeks and felt tears running down them and onto the paper. She tried to write as fast as she could before she could cry any more than she was. She didn't want to look too weak in front of her father so she signed it then pushed it towards the medic. After the medic left the room Rina came up to her father and put her head on his chest as she cried and screamed out, "It's not fair! It's not fair! Why are you doing this to me..why? Please don't leave me. Just wake up and we can go back to Mom and Emily. She hugged her dad so hard and hoped she could squeeze some life into him, but he still wouldn't wake up. She then heard the door behind her creak as she heard footsteps of someone coming in. When she turned around she saw that it was the medic again. She seemed uncomfortable with the situation but Rina didn't care. Rina just looked up with tears streaming down her face as she heard the medic say to Rina, "It's time now...we have to unattach the health lacrima from your father's machine." Rina sat still as she looked down at the ground to the sound of the medic walking to the machine. Rina then looked at her father's face as Rina heard a pop coming from the other side of the bed. Rina knew what was about to happen but she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want to believe her father was going to die after all these years of fighting. She looked at him with tears in her eyes as all the memories of him started to sink down the drain. Thoughts of her father faded away into darkness as her father was breathing more and more heavily. His body was trying to get more air as its body was working harder to stay alive, but then...everything just stopped. Her father's breaths became silent as his body stopped shaking from the pain and Rina just looked at him in ache. She closed her eyes as though she was waking up from a bad dream but every time she opened her eyes, everything was still the same. Her father was still there dead, and she was still there with tears all around her. With one final close of her eyes, she looked at her father as 4 people came in and draped a plastic blanket over him to wrap him up. When they walked over to her they asked her to sign a paper for his release, and she signed as fast as she could so she could run away into the restroom. She went up to the sink and washed away all her tears but even then she could still see the sadness in her eyes as she pictured her father's face once more. She then curled into a ball in the corner of the restroom and thought to herself about what she would tell her mother and sister once she went to them. She didn't know what she would do because she never thought this day would come. As she closed her eyes she fell into a deep sleep where she had a strange dream. Something bad was happening...she felt her heart ache with pain as she saw a dark black ooze envelop her. She tried to fight back but she couldn't and with her screams, she woke up with a terrified look on her face as she wondered what all of it meant.

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