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    As Cuddly As A Stuffed Bear (Private)


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    As Cuddly As A Stuffed Bear (Private)

    Post by Unknown on 17th March 2018, 9:18 pm

    Unknown was holding his favorite stuffed animal, a cuddly white bear, as he walked down the familiar streets of Oak Town. He had no particular destination in mind, only the thought of stretching his legs. He had worn a coat this time- he had learned his lesson about not wearing a coat after he had gone and gotten himself sick that time. And thus, he was all bundled up in a warm white coat, a pink-and-blue hat, and matching gloves. His ears peeked out from the top of the hat, white and furry and oh-so soft.

    If one wasn't paying attention, they might not even notice him in all the snow. The only color came from his hat and gloves, but those weren't very eye catching in themselves. And that suited Unknown just fine. He was better off not letting people notice him, anyhow. A hybrid with wings and cat ears like himself drew a lot of attention in normal circumstances, and he was terrfied of crowds. One thing that he had the great misfortune of having to deal with quite often.

    But still, he was obliviously happy today. He skipped along merrily, clutching the bear to his chest. Heterochromic eyes looking about, he was almost distracted enough to run into a few people. Luckily, he didn't, though the near accident had resulted in some angry mutters and a few muffled insults from the people he had nearly crashed into.


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    Angel Postrydia

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    Re: As Cuddly As A Stuffed Bear (Private)

    Post by Angel Postrydia on 17th March 2018, 9:49 pm

    Angel walked around the streets of Oak Town in a fluffy pink coat, wearing an intricately made black dress that was see through to all who could see it. The pink coat provided protection from the elements as Angel wore such a risque dress. It was not Angel's usual sense of style, but he felt the inspiration to wear such a thing. He also wanted to test out how comfortable the fabric would be on someone who would possibly order a dress such as this. It was... Definitely a new experience for Angel, but the dress seemed to fit comfortably. His... Chest area... Was a bit sensitive, but other than that, he enjoyed the way the fabric laid across his skin and the way that he was able to feel temperatures with detail.

    Angel was a bit distracted by trying to assess how their clothing was feeling that he almost didn't notice a person in front of him who was skipping with a teddy bear in hand. For the most part, they blended in with the surrounding snow, but Angel happened to notice them moving right before they were about to bump into each other. "A-Ah! E-Excuse me! I... Uh... I almost bumped into you... S-Sorry! Uh... S-Sor-" Angel almost began walking away when Angel was suddenly talked aback by the strange features of the person. He had never seen a body type quite like theirs... It was strange how their back seemed to arch in a very odd way. "Oh! W-Wait! Y-You, uh... This is going to sound like a strange question, but can I see your back?"

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