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    Hello been a while.


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    Hello been a while. Empty Hello been a while.

    Post by vampire4ever25 1st March 2018, 3:45 pm

    It has been some time. I don't really log in much I did at one time. As my laptop was still in one piece at the time. Now library or using a console are my sole options to get on site. Library is better choice as console is not very compatible for this site. Also side question hoe do I go about getting things un-archived as I have never done so. This will be my first attempt at such things.


    I am not a celestial nor an infernal either yet I resemle aspects of both while being something neither. In truth it would be more accurate to state am something between the two. Nothing is immortal we all fade to non-existance and cease to be in reality all together. Only in our believes as a society as a whole and the history that the world memorizes made everlasting. Yet briefly do all of us play our part in making that history that the world memorizes and shape what society believes. So no matter if demon or angel it matters not your existence just the mark you leave behind in the wake of your passing.


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