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    The Testing of the Flower Fairy


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    The Testing of the Flower Fairy Empty The Testing of the Flower Fairy

    Post by Musicalbunny 26th February 2018, 7:41 pm

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    It was just another regular day for Rina.She just came back from a job and wanted to rest but then something happened. Rina felt a strong sense pulling her to the East Magnolia Forest. It was a strange feeling that she felt before but she didn't know where. She felt a tingle go through her whole body as she felt goosebumps on her skin. As she looked down she saw a patch of beautiful flowers. She tried to remember the name and it popped into her head "Irises."

    As she looked down she reached for it but something strange happened. She fell through the bundle and was now falling out of the sky. It was a strange feeling because it felt less like falling and more like floating. Now that she noticed how odd the falling was had her realize the sky was a pinkish color. She looked down and she realized where she was. It was her Heart's Garden that she created when she was so young. She looked around and saw the flowers again. They seemed to be pointing somewhere. Rina followed it endlessly and waited for the path to end. It never seemed to end though as she kept seeing nothingness at the continuous trail. She then looked down at the flowers the reveal that there were 3 paths. Rina was given a trial and she had to pass it or else she could be trapped in the world forever. She looked around for clues and saw the paths had different colors of irises.

    She wondered what these meant and looked around for a sign or anything. She looked at the flowers and saw purple, red, and pink Irises. As her eyes reached the final row of Pink Irises, she remembered a small but distinct detail. As she looked up at the sky she saw the pink and knew it as a sign. Never before has Rina entered the Heart Gardens and saw the color of the sky to be pink. She was sure it had to do with the being that was going to defend the rights of the Iris weapon, whatever it may be. She remembered reading in the article that the flower was named after one of the gods of light which maybe went to the power of light for the being. She was sure it was the right path so she went down it. This trip seemed to be shorter because after 30 minutes Rina ended up in front of a gate.

    She looked around and even called out for the guard of the gate but she was nowhere to be found. As Rina looked she saw a peculiar statue coming from an invisible figure on the wall. She was sure it had to do with the beast. As she was about to touch it the creature came out and sassily said "Who's messing with my sleep time?...Oh, it's you miss Rina Everglades. Some say you're strong but I guess I'll just have to put you up to the test if you're ever going to be able to hold my weapon. As she said this the pink fairy with the glittering wings and delicate pink dress took out a wand. It was made from the colors Rina saw before on the paths that diverged. After looking up from the wand Rina saw a face of determination coming from the fairy's face.

    The little fairy was standing her ground as Rina took out her Corcus staff from her heart. She then pointed it at the fairy and stood, ready to attack. Rina saw the fairy charge her wand with a powerful light. She couldn't look away but she knew she needed to. Rina tried to cover her eyes but she couldn't look away at all. She could do nothing but stare and then something bad happened. She began to open her eyes and all she saw was darkness, and then there was a laugh. She said to Rina "You like that? That was my beautiful sparkle flash. Well, I guess you couldn't take it now."

    Rina listened to the fairy's voice as she hit the air, but nothing connected with her staff. Rina heard the fairy's faint life every time Rina missed and said, "Hahaha, this is fun. How do you think you could ever deserve my weapon if you fought this way?" Rina grunted and listened for the sound of the fairy as she laughed. Rina then lowered her guard just so she could trick the fairy. Once Rina pretended to let her guard down the fairy burst out laughing as if she could do it endlessly. With a loud grunt, Rina said, "Finally!" As she said this she thrust the staff into the gut of the fairy and heard her get knocked all the way back into the wall. As the fairy hit the wall Rina heard the fairy make a small grunt and yell out, "Hey! You tricked me now its time for you to fail this trial and get trapped here once and for all." As she said this Rina heard the charge up of the fairy's wand as a blast could be heard coming from the direction of the fairy. Rina tried to block it but mistimed the acceleration of the move. She swiped down and the blast hit her right in the gut. As she reached down she could still feel the burn marks on her clothes where the blast hit. She cursed under her breath as she reached for her staff once more. After that blast, her vision began to clear up and the fairy then said to herself, "Fuck."

    Rina then brought up her staff and said to the little fairy "What was that about me failing?" Rina then proceeded to charge towards the fairy and yelled aloud "Jabbing Combo!" First, she hit the fairy in the stomach and then when the fairy got knocked back into the wall, Rina swung the wooden part of her stuff on top of the head of the little fairy. Rina saw as the fairy's eyes closed as she became knocked out. Rina knew she didn't defeat the fairy because the gate didn't open. So, Rina hit her 3 more times and then with the last hit the little fairy woke up, enraged. The fairy seemed to be faster than before and zapped 3 blast at Rina. Only one hit but it still hurt a lot more than Rina thought it would. Rina knew that she would never win with the staff so she put it away by throwing it on the ground.

    As it disappeared flowers went in its place and littered the floor. The fairy looked at Rina confused and said “Girl, you cray if you think you can beat me unarmed.” Rina then smirked and formed a flower on her hand. She drew back on the flower like a bow and then released. As she released a bow formed in her hand and an arrow went straight for the little fairy. As the arrow went straight for the fairy, she squealed in terror as it hit her. After the fairy was hit, Rina could tell that the fairy was running low on power so she used it to her advantage. She changed the color of her clothing to fall and began to speed up. She started to run around the fairy quickly as she shot 3 shots towards the middle of the circle she was making.

    The fairy was weary of Rina’s tactics and flew straight up, knowing she couldn’t take another hit from Rina. Rina was ready for the little fairy to go upwards which was why she used one of her special scented arrows. The scent from the arrows made the little fairy become sleepy. She dozed around for a bit before she couldn’t handle the influence of the spell. Rina saw the fairy look down and say to Rina, “Good job…bitch.” Rina saw the fairy fall onto the ground and then lay there for a bit. Only a few moments later did the fairy start to disappear.

    As her body was disappearing she left patches of Irises in her tracks. She then made a loud breath and grunted a mysterious language Rina never heard of. The words seemed to form a little pathway of thick air from the mouth of the fairy and straight towards the gate. Sooner or later she heard the gate click as if it was opening and it was. It was opening slowly but surely and Rina held her breath as she was waiting for the new weapon to be shown. As she looked inside the gate she saw a garden of Irises growing but in the middle there was a spotlight on one of the flowers. Rina walked over to it as it shined in the spotlight of the pink and mysterious light. She picked it up and felt something on her back. When she turned her head she saw wings, fairy wings. In disbelief she looked down at the weapon and saw it was the wand the fairy held. Rina held it close to her as she started ascending up the spotlight that was originally on the flower.

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