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    ❀Callista❀ Empty ❀Callista❀

    Post by Musicalbunny Sun 25 Feb 2018 - 20:48

    Name: Callista
    Rank: Strong(+)
    Type: Necklace

    ❀Callista❀ Il_fullxfull.496834683_b9j1

    Callista is the name for beauty. This necklace is made from a powerful lotus. This lotus is able to give off special powers to the user when activated. This is an ancient necklace that is not extremely powerful just yet but gets more powerful as the user grows stronger. Beauty is something that happens over time. At first, the necklace may seem like a regular necklace but when in battle the necklace turns into a lotus that becomes one with Rina.

    Transformed Rina:

    ❀Callista❀ Latest?cb=20170615221831
    ❀Does no damage

    ❀has to be on the neck of the user

    ❀Beauty is deep-Callista spreads vines that connect to the skin of Rina. It has embedded itself within her. This gives her an immunity to feeling poison. She takes damage from it but it does not get sapped from it. This also gives her a 60% MP boost.

    ❀One with nature-The vines Callista has on Rina also connect to the weapons she summons. Her weapons cannot be knocked out of the hands of Rina. Due to the power of the necklace giving off power through its roots/vines, it gives powers to Rina's weapons. Rina's weapons do 60% more physical damage.


    ❀Callista❀ PL98cN2

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