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    Post by Lady Red 12th January 2018, 3:32 pm

    She opened her eyes to a white sky. A ceiling, instead of a sky, she would realize very soon when a man dressed in white hurried to her bedside. What do you remember ? he would ask in a grave voice. Her head spun but she could still not think of what had happened to her last.

    I don't . . . that is, I do not remember anything. Her name ? No. Her age ? No. Her magic ? No . . . but she was sure she had magic. With a disturbed expression, the girl asked the doctor if he knew about her mage. Only a shake of a head was her reply, and that troubled her very much. It seemed there would be much to do now that she had awaken. More specifically she could say that there was much to learn about herself.

    When did I come here ? the mage or hopeful person replied, sure that the man would at least her tell that. He did not know, because apparently she was here before he was a employee on the staff. That means at least four months or more, he would say.

    A lot to figure out indeed.

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