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    Inner Power


    Inner Power Empty Inner Power

    Post by Guest on 25th December 2017, 7:37 pm

    Inner Power VbLKt0C
    Inner Power

    Primary Magic: Inner Power
    Secondary Magic: TBA
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: (Describe your magic in detail: First being a description of what the magic he/she is using, and then a second paragraph of how he/she uses it.)

    ✷ All spells are based around using aura.
    ✷ Rather strong.
    ✷ Very versatile magic.

    ✷ Requires years of intense training to master.
    ✷ Mostly only good for close combat.
    ✷ Inner power can easily get out of control.
    ✷ Requires concentration for each ability and spell.

    Malefic Illusions

    Unique Abilities:
    Intense Training: With the intense training she received from her master Ji-Min receives a 30% increase to both strength and speed.

    Thick Skin: Learning to use this magic requires a person to be able to take a lot of hits and get back up. With this, Ji-Min receives a 50% increase in defense, and she is somewhat resistant to pain.

    Telekinesis: Using the inner power Ji-Min can use her mind to pick up objects within her max range, causing them to be coated in a blue aura. She can then move them around however she wants unless they escape the range.

    Surrounding Awareness: Ji-Min's eyes turn pale blue and she becomes hyper aware of all her surroundings within burst range, feeling even the smallest vibrations. With this she can also map out the entire area, and know where everything is.

    Future Sight: Unlocking this inner power has made Ji-Min sensitive to visions of the future and present, and therefore can predict things that may or may not happen just a few seconds or even years into the future. Cannot be used for PvP.

    Aura Energy:
    Name: Aura Energy
    Rank: D
    Type: Aura, Support
    Duration: n/a
    Cooldown: n/a
    An intense aura surrounds Ji-Min. Her hits now deal 50% more damage.

    ✷ Buffs hits.

    ✷ Only useful for supportive things.
    ✷ Only effects the user.

    Aura Sphere:
    Name: Aura Sphere
    Rank: Player rank (up to S)
    Type: Aura, Offense
    Duration: n/a
    Cooldown: n/a
    A blue sphere of energy forms between Ji-Min's hands. She then sends it out within her max range, dealing its rank in damage to whoever it hits.

    ✷ Quick and effective.

    ✷ Only goes in one direction.
    ✷ It bounces once it touches the ground, making its direction hard to predict.

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