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    I love magic!


    I love magic! Empty I love magic!

    Post by Guest 19th November 2017, 4:30 pm

    This may seems a bit strange but one of my favorite things to write about is different kinds of magic. I brainstorm a lot of ideas and figured I would give you guys some of them and get your opinions!

    ~Ribbon Magic~

    Ribbon magic is a unique style of caster type magic that allows the user to create ribbons from all colors, shapes, and sizes. Ribbon magic is primarily used as a disruptive magic being able to tie foes up and interrupt their casting.

    Ex skills:

    Snake Ribbon: The caster shoots a long green ribbon at a target ensnaring them and slowly poisoning them.

    Rock Ribbon: A long dark brown ribbon with yellow markings, if the target is struck by these ribbons they gain the attribute of boulders becoming extremely heavy and difficult to destroy.

    ~Fortune Magic~

    Fortune magic is not commonly used among wizards due to its uncertainty. Similar to that of gambling magic; Fortune Magic is a very high risk high reward magic.

    Ex skills:

    Change Fate: The caster may redirect any targeted magic attack to another random participant on the field, this target can be the caster themselves or the mage who tried to redirect the spell.

    Afterimage: The user may see into the future and avoid the next targeted attack

    ~Portal Summoning Magic~

    Portal Summoning Magic is a strange type of summoning magic which opens portals from other lands and summons creatures to fight at the casters side.

    Ex skills:

    Portal of the forest: A green portal is opened next to the caster leading to a world of lush green forest. Typically supportive creatures emerge from this type of portal.

    Portal of the astral plain: A purple portal is opened next to the caster leading to a strange land where the rules of our own world do not apply. Typically creatures majoring in illusion or disruptive magic reside within within this land.

    ~Mask Magic~

    Mask magic is considered a lost holder magic, dark necromancers created several types of mask, these mask were created from the lives of many different types of wizards. Their soul still resides within the mask granting whoever wears one their powers.

    Ex skills:

    Mask of the saint: This mask was created using the essence of those who have done many good deeds in their life. When the user wears this mask they gain the ability to use forms of light magic

    Mask of the demon: This mask was created using the essence of other dark guild members. When the user wears the mask they gain the ability to use several different forms of dark magic

    Well that's all of my ideas for now! Please let me know what everyone thinks of them (and feel free to use them!)

    I know these arent necessarily balanced or thought out extremely well but I just wanted to get the idea of them out and see what people thought of them!

    (If you do end up using one of these for a character let me know! I would love to see the skills you've come up with!)

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