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    So ... Yeah ... Tag

    Yuri and Yuli
    Yuri and Yuli

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    So ... Yeah ... Tag  Empty So ... Yeah ... Tag

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 12th November 2017, 5:34 pm

    Job Description:

    Herakles was walking down the main road of Magnolia, unsure what to do. He had no idea where he was going, all he knew that he wanted to make his way to a place called " Mountain Village ", but he still had no idea how to get there. He had taken the train from Hargeon Town to Magnolia after the Tourist Information gave him that advice, but now he was stuck in another place he had never seen before, with barely any money left. He let out a sigh. His awful sense of direction didn't exactly help him, and with that he sat down on a bench at the side of a road near some kind of park, placing his the rucksack with his stuff beside him.

    He looked up and down the street. it was still earlier in the day, and the streets were filled with people. He sighed again. He wondered if he could just ask anyone for the way to the headquarters of Infinity Hydra, but he had had no luck with that in the past. He stood up, sighing once more. He had money left for about one more night in a hotel and a train ticket, and there was no changing it, so he reluctantly got back to walking the main street, looking for a cheap hotel to stay in. Several hours and a bit of a hassle later he was lying in his his hotel bed, staring at the ceiling, tired and unnerved. He didn't want to keep travelling Fiore, and he hadn't intended to even still be on a journey, he should've been at his destination already. He was frustrated, but he couldn't change it as it was right now. He kept thinking about the things that had plagued him for the last couple of days, and with that he slowly fell asleep.

    He got up the next day and, still being mad at himself for ending up in this situation, he paid for his hotel room, giving half of his remaining jewels. With that, he left for the train station. The next one had to be a success, and if it wouldn't be he would somehow have to walk to this " Mountain Village " place on his own. A few minutes later, with a bit of asking around, he found the train station, still no idea which train to take or where to go when he spotted a group of kids playing a few meters away. He made his way over and with a friendly tone in his voice asked them to describe him the way to Mountain Village and they agreed under the condition that he'd play tag with them. He sighed, figuring it couldn't be helped and played tag, catching one after the other, getting catched and running around a lot. He felt that it was helping him get rid of the bad feelings he had accumulated over the past few days. After they had been playing for a bit they parted ways, not without them giving Herakles a wonky description on where to go, and with that, he got into the train station.

    Word Count: 527


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