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    Anchors Away

    Lester Drynedi
    Lester Drynedi

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    Anchors Away Empty Anchors Away

    Post by Lester Drynedi 28th October 2017, 6:11 pm

    Lester Drynedi D Rank Black Rose
    The opportunity had come across as a great one to the young man, to travel from one place to another, and not only get to experience the sea but to get paid for it. In exchange for carrying a few boxes.
    Neat handwriting had been printed across the page, a diary which he had always carried sat open in front of him. Hargeon town to river village, he would finally leave this place, the sun had filtered through his hair and laid shadows across Lester face. It hadn't been that long since his adventures had started, he hadn't had the time to feel any pangs of homesickness. Starting in era he had taken up a farming job, it had been similar enough to his home life that not much had changed, the second job he had taken had been fun as well. Potion making in the town of Clover, that had been it, yes what an experience that had been, a learning experience indeed.
    Stretching back his shoulders shuddered then relaxed, the slight bite of the morning air but the warming rays of the sun had contrasted nicely with each other.
    His fingers fiddled with the next page when he turned it over, for a little over a week Lester had been staying in the Harbour town of Hargeon, the youth had completed a few jobs here and there to pass the time before this one. Claiming a passport had been interesting, had be overstepped the boundaries that time? A chuckle had passed over his face for a few seconds, who could have known that helping someone out would have let Lester spik hours and hours of waiting outside. That memory had been a particularly good one to the lad, it had shows him how the people varied, whilst some were condescending and had been judgmental there had also been those who were kind and helpful.  This had to be his fourth or fifth job. He had learnt a great many things so far just from watching, as he covered the sun with his palm and then parted a few fingers to let it through Lester's thoughts went back to his dilemma.

    Should he join a guild? A guild had many benefits, teams, rewards, and help if he needed it. But at the same time did he dare risk getting involved in the wrong guild? He did not want to go somewhere that disagreed with his ideas of preserving human life.

    "Lester you ready lad?"  That voice had woken him out of a thought filled daze, the guy who had hired him, right the name had been Captain Koon. From what he had seen the goods had arrived to be loaded onboard. "Ah, Yes of course sir, right away." With his own belongings had been left on board the youth had gotten started, heavier crated needed to go on first, he had to take fragile crates to one corner of the storage room with great care, and then the lightest crates and sacks would be loaded up last. Fingers had latched on, arms locked in places whilst muscles had strained and sweat broken free of its restraints. He had stepped aside for a moment, other swarmed around directing or carrying, a few younger children had fluttered around with cups of water, it was now as he spent a minute removing a wood splinter that Lester would really appreciate the crew that Captain Koon had, everyone in it had this way of working together that seemed so cohesive.
    Not one to be left behind soon he too had gotten into the thick of it, the crisp scents of paper mixed in with a tart smell of ink were washed away by the salty breeze. A few of the larger objects had required a couple of people to band together and haul it on, everything had gone reasonably smoothly though.

    Perching himself on a step out of the way he stretched back, the toll from the last few days of hectic events descended to take its toll. The young man had relaxed back into the wood of the ship and fallen asleep when the ship had departed.
    A rough hand had awoken him to a late afternoon, "We're here?" Lesters voice had been riddled with sleepy hues, he hadn't had a reason to stay awake, the city of Hargeon had been one that he had spent a few days in.
    "Ha no, lad it'll take longer than that. The crew and I were just thinking that you may be getting a little peckish by now." His eyes had opened to show one of the higher ranked sailors, a slight 'O' had formed with the youth's mouth,  food. Boots slightly scuffled as he has awkwardly stood up. "Oh, I though I wasn't going to get fed" Voice had been a little fuzzy still as his hand clamped onto a nearby handrail. Whoa, had he slept for four or five hours?
    With a smooth motion the sailor had indicated for Lester to follow him. Boots scuffed at the wood when he had come to a halt in the doorway. Scents of food and alcohol mingled together with bodily odor and wood had reached his nose and attacked his senses. It seemed almost addicting, the spices they used here and the meat which had looked so juicy. "Excuse me?"

    Herded in like an animal Lester had been promptly sat down, eyes widened and showed more of the rich cherry coloured irises, a steaming plate had been placed on the table. Had the sailors given him half a pig? His face had frozen, lips slightly parted as he had spent a moment staring at the masses of food which had been piled before him. The sailors chuckled a little whilst other had grinned before digging back into their own portion. It hadn’t taken more than a few encouragements to get the boy to start scarfing down the meal. Now he had to consider a different future, becoming a sailor was highly possible if they ate this well! Potatoes slathered in gravy had sat next to thick chunks of pork, bowls of vegetables danced across the table from hand to hand as those with an appetite served themselves greater portions of the greenery. The cook here had to be marvelous, this place would have brought money in if it were a restaurant. Gravy dribbled down chins but not a soul cared, these men had a great way of living. Day By day just halting and moving, they sailed up rivers and down oceans but came back to a warm dining area with wonderful food. They only worried about pirates and scoundrels but from a distance it looked like they were the happiest people alive.

    The sun had been setting when he put a light in every lantern on the docks, the quaint fishing village surrounded by rivers sat before them had been abuzz with the new shipment of office and schooling supplies. Lester had been seen along with all the men, elbows and knees creaked and backs had ached from the unloading of crates and sacks.
    It seemed that everything had been over too soon, it had all just been completed within the blink of an eye. Lester had hardly realized his job was done until the captain had come to him with a reward. “Ye did a good job son, your work was appreciated. You’re welcome back anytime.”
    The smile had grown across his face, cheeks stretched a little when he had accepted the gifts and gathered his belongings. The village would house Lester for the night but his departure to new avenues would be imminent. A wave goodbye had briefly swung above his head before the youth had skipped his way down the pier. It had been fun, the experience had given him many things to think over and this was another perspective on life to write up in his journal.

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