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    Master of Dragons: Fire


    Master of Dragons: Fire Empty Master of Dragons: Fire

    Post by Guest on Sat 7 Oct 2017 - 4:57

    Job Title: Master of Dragons: Fire
    Rank: 10Y
    Player Requirements:
    • S Rank
    • One person must complete "Master of Dragons: Acquisition"
    Job Requirements:
    • 30,000 Team
    • 14,500 Solo

    Job Location: Sin
    Job Description:
    The Book of Dragons details that the Fire dragon lives in Sin. Whatever means you use to get to the country are your own, but considering the location you can expect dangerous enemies.

    Weak: Weak Demon
    These demons are 40 feet tall, and hit like a tank. However, their magic is extremely inaccurate, and their bodies are slow moving. They're also a bit squishy.

    Normal: Lesser Demon
    These demons are smaller, standing at 20 feet which is still a decent size. They have weaker melee attacks, but stronger magic. They can take control of being below S Rank like pets, summons, and celestial spirits so beware.

    Strong: Greater Demon
    These demons are only 10 feet tall. While still larger than most humans, they're the smallest of their breed. They have incredibly powerful magic and can take control of weak minded beings, use advanced debuffs and damage over time spells, and even summon Weak Demons to their aid. But their melee is on human level, so that's nice.

    Boss: Demonic Fire Dragon
    This Dragon's not interested in talking. He doesn't consider himself above humans, nor does he think himself below the gods. His attacks are a mix of Unholy and Fire, shifting the balance of battle in favor of Fire Demon Slayers. Dragon Slayers can still hurt him, but they'll find themselves unable to consume his attacks. His body is coated in a type of black magma that makes melee attacks inadvisable. He can fire streams of Unholy Fire for a breath attack. Slamming his claw on the ground causes jets of Unholy Magma to rise like a geyser.

    • 1x Black Magma Scale
    • 125,000 Jewel
    • 1 Artifact if you've completed 5 Master of Dragon jobs AFTER Master of Dragons: Acquisition

    -- credit to Kaori

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