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    Dance night


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    Dance night Empty Dance night

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 8:53 pm

    Clearance stood at the door of a womens house, the job seemed simple, all he had to do was was Make this women happy again.  It was easy, except for the part where she wanted to kill herself.  As he knocked He had Coco stay away but nearby for reasons of he needed help if she did something drastic.  Just then he the door swung open and he stood there looking at the women who was mid thirties he guessed. She wasn’t a model but she wasn’t bad looking either.  “H hello…” she asked sadly.  “Hi my names Clearance auburn, i'm here to take you out on the town” he said in his normal tone  She nodded grabbing her purse “whatever your probably gonna leave like every guy” Clearance just blinked.  He could tell this was going to be there night.  As they walked he had his hands in his pockets.  “So what do you like to do?” He would ask not having made any plans really.  She scoffed looking away “what's o you care you're just going to leave me like my husband.” she said bitterly.  “He just kept walking listening to her drone on and on about how miserable her life was, he had to do something about this but then his mind shifted for a moment when she eyed his evoker. “Is that a gun?” she asked curiously.  “Noo not technically” he sighed a bit. Keeping his answer short.  “Typical you're just ignoring me like they all do.” she said eying it more. This was going south. He sighed “look im not ignoring i have been listening this whole time.” he said nodding a little.  “Tell you what, i’ll do whatever you want, price, statutes be damned what do you want” he said sighing.  “Dance with me..” she said out of nowhere”  Clearance tilted his head. “Dance…” he said quizzically.  “See i knew you'd say that!” she shouted.  “Clearance looked in shock.  “Come on” he said leading her to a park where a small band was playing.  “ wait here” he said walking to them making a request then walking back.  As they played Like a gentleman he held out a hand “May I have a dance My lady?” he said smiling a little.  The women went a bit red and accepted,  It was a classical song they danced to, she was shaky at first but eased into it more and more  she was not a bad dancer at all. Eventually a crowd formed watching a few of them impressed by them at there skill.  For a brief moment all her problem left the world and she smiled at the dance.  As they finished up she smiled for a change. “Thank you...that was lovely..” “clearance just nodded a bit as a few people walked over commenting on her requesting to be taught.  She was a little put off but agreed to it.  As they left she looked at him smiling “thank you for the dance...it was a lovly evening, but i got to go prepare to teach.” she smiled kissing his cheek leaving happily.  “He sighed putting his hands in his pockets meeting up with coco.  No words were exchanged she just followed behind him.

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