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    Bump Lahkey

    Post by Lahkey on 1st September 2017, 9:36 am

    Name: Lahkey
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 12/21
    Sexuality: Bi
    Special Characteristics: Gold seems to accent Lahkey wherever he is, whether it be as specks of topaz in his eyes, a shine to his hair, a glimmer on his skin or a nominal trail of glitter floating in the air he once occupied; it’s an almost constant, unquantifiable little sparkle. In addition, he is far cry from the average man dwelling in Fiore because of the heritage written on every part of him, from his darker skin to the faint accent permeating his speech, an odd cross between the curl and roll of Spanish and the fluid lilting tones of the Middle East in his spoken English. Every one of his moves is done with a certain ease of movement and grace that paints him as some kind of dancer. The number thirteen in black and gold, the former color to the first digit and vice versa, is tattooed just under his collarbone on the left side.

    Personality: The easiest way to describe Lahkey, from top to bottom, would be with the word “gypsy,” a moniker that he finds most pleasant because his nomadic upbringing made him just that, and proudly so. Staying in one place, whether it be a home or a simple physical position, is an impossible task. The man loves to move, to do things, and to interact with his environment. Although he’s suffered loss, it doesn’t change his outgoing nature and optimistic extroversion, and keeping his life in a constant state of motion is one of the things that stave off the bad luck and foul vibes. Freedom, exertion, and activity; without the ability to do, Lahkey would be nothing.

    Many would describe him as a romantic, maybe even a hopeless one, but such is a simple side effect of his remarkable charisma. It also comes from being naturally flirtatious, whether he’s trying or not, but he would never admit how much effort goes into it sometimes. A large part of it is just his natural talkativeness, everyone on the radar and just as many being viable partners in conversation. At least, when the conversation wasn’t a bit too one sided, what with Lahkey’s slightly overactive mouth. Nothing really fazes him, either, and what sense of danger may normally present itself can be brushed off with a bright smile and a laugh; though his magic is yet underdeveloped, many times has the strange mage found himself in and around trouble that has required quick wit and steel nerves. Part of it is because of his remarkable luck, the foundation of his magic, but so much of it is just his natural carefree attitude. Any time he’s at peace, and that is to say without being in some very violent circumstance because every situation is relatively peaceful to Lahkey, he tends to present himself as a very friendly and interested character with a bit of a wandering mind. Paying attention is no difficult task, though he may seem aloof in some conversations, and in reality, the mage is very mentally acute. Few details escape his notice, but neither does he say anything about the patterns and behaviors observed. Over his years meandering about, Lahkey also compiled a library of little useful facts about everything, and even though his handsome and talkative facade belies his intelligence, occasionally it shines through when he slips out some nominal fun fact.

    The friendliness he displays even to strangers is no falsity, however, and there is some innate compassion for all human beings in his heart; inwardly, his moral code completely determines his thoughts on any given being and that compassion can evaporate at the drop of a pen, but it takes quite a deed to incur such wrathful feeling. Violence is also completely disassociated with the base of his character, though it finds itself incorporated when necessary. There has simply been too much of it in his past for him to justify it without a very good reason, and Lahkey has a special loathing for those who encourage real violence just for the sake of harming another. Competition and sport, now, that was all good fun, but maliciously is not a way to live. Lahkey greatly enjoys socializing, talking, interacting, romancing, seducing, joking, lying, telling tall tales, and just extroverting in pretty much any and every. The art of clever wordplay rarely escapes him, and accompanying his luck with gold is his silver tongue. It unlocks many a door for him when they aren't already left lying open.

    When presented with a fight, the young man’s attitude is entirely determined by the intensity of the situation. Fighting normally involves a few witty remarks and the exact same nonchalance that normally accompanies them outside a battle, though he does on a rare occasion become very serious and solemn when the necessity is absolute. It puts a damper on a good mood, though, and being so based off of luck, it just feels better to keep the ambiance pleasant. As a leader, Lahkey values his comrades' welfare over the success of any mission, although he would freely attempt to manipulate either to alter the other to suit what plan or desire may exist. Serving under anyone is easy for him, though, and he quite willingly allows the responsibility to float like a stone parachute down onto the shoulders of his superior rather than his own. His own mind and morals never fully bend to any man, though, and although he will follow most orders, it still always comes down to him doing what is best. When actually engaging in a physical conflict, Lahkey is a dodging, weaving, troublesome opponent who prefers to peck and poke at his adversaries while avoiding damage.


    Fine Arts - Music is absolutely delightful, and there is some mind blowing food in the world. Art is beauty when done well, no matter the subject, and the creation of things is its own magnificence. Taking pleasure in the pleasures of life is one of Lahkey’s greatest pleasures.

    People - People are so interesting and fun, and who else would he talk to? There are a lot who happen to be awful and those ones can be avoided, but every person is their own unique collection of thoughts, experiences, and memories, so they have the right to be boring and can then be generally disregarded.

    Love - Love is a looser concept to Lahkey than most, but in every sense, it’s amazing. Familial love was one of the greatest things that had been in his life, romantic love was something that made the heart feel better than anything else could in some way, the love shared between close friends had chiefly eluded him but provided a sense of unobtainable camaraderie and belonging.

    Games - Though he has a special fondness for games of chance and a love for gambling, games are amazing. Anything and everything from crosswords to poker to chess, there was always one game or another to keep him entertained on the road as a child, so his repertoire of skills and fun distractions only ever increased, and his joy at playing them only grew.


    Death - It’s just… sad. Not even something to fear, because of the inevitability of dying because of living, and not something that can be avoided even by lucky Lahkey, just a sad absolute.

    Restriction - This is both caused by and the source of Lahkey’s natural gypsy nature, but he cannot bear being held. From certain clothes to restraints to rules, being made still or even just less flexible and free, it’s all the worst. He will always wear what he wants, find every loophole, and examine every escape before even allowing the thought of helpless submission to creep into his heart.

    Bad Luck - Lahkey is lucky, but that goes both ways sometimes. Bad luck can’t be prevented, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant, and it just needs to be accepted when it occurs.


    Living It Up- Living is a motivation to keep living because it’s a gift that needs to be made use of, or that’s his way of seeing it. And what else would one do with their existence if not make it the most fun thing in one’s power?

    People - Although he wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it because it’s too “sappy,” part of the reason Lahkey keeps living is just to help other people live better.

    Fulfillment - Something is missing. There’s a void in his life, and hopefully one day his magic and a healthy dose of luck can fill it.

    Good - There’s not enough good in the world, and somebody has to spread more.


    Absolutes - The idea of a complete and unchanging thing, one that remains completely constant throughout all time and regardless of any other factor, is absolutely petrifying. Because all of the sudden, no matter what, you don’t matter, and that absolute will never be affected by anything you can do, and sadly death is one such absolute. This complete terror only shows up when Lahkey is very thoughtful and quiet, or when exposed to the right mixture of alcohol and outside influence.

    Losing Luck - If all his luck disappeared, good and bad, Lahkey would be utterly lost.

    Hate - Malice and loathing, especially in those more powerful, is unnecessary, powerful, and just bad on the most basic level. It will exist as long as there is feeling to be felt, but that doesn’t make it any better.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Hair: Black, about 4 inches, curly, and always messy.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin Tone: A deep but almost light brown, reminiscent of milk chocolate
    Appearance: Lahkey has spent his whole life dodging, ducking, diving, and generally escaping trouble at any point that he couldn’t fight it, and this is reflected in his lean runner’s build. Although his whole body has toned muscle definition, it is still thinner than that of most athletic men. His face has an almost elven handsomeness, from a smile with a tinge of devilish mischief to large, almond shaped eyes. As for outfits, he typically wears an outfit comprised of a white spandex shirt and shalwar pants, as well as an emerald kaftan embroidered with golden swirling patterns.


    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: Would be under his collar on the right side, likely bright green.
    Rank: D
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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