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    Dragon Does What He Wants: Passport Please

    Asteris Kaiser
    Asteris Kaiser

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    Completed Dragon Does What He Wants: Passport Please

    Post by Asteris Kaiser 28th August 2017, 5:04 am

    To anyone else, it was a beautiful day in Rose Garden. The skies were wonderfully clear. the seas were calm and filled the Docks of Rose Garden with the scent of saltwater, there were ships that passed by the waters, some passengers waving to them as the ship ferried them some place else, and of course nothing bad was going to happen this day. People were lined up in a long queue waiting for something.

    Fiore's borders have been reopened to outsiders once more and in turn had also opened it to the other countries. The line was massive, composed of people of all ages, races, situations, and more. The people came alone, in pairs, in trios, in quartets, in groups of friends or families. It seemed like that getting a Passport was a big thing to do to incite such masses of people to clamor for it. Asteris Kaiser personally felt no need for a Passport, he was a dragon of no small strength. He could summon Death. What could borders do to a dragon like him? But in the end he had decided to retrieve one for the sake of having one and for convenience. He might be a dragon but he needed to grow in strength and repute, amassing artifacts and riches was a away to grow stronger in both and to do so he needed a Passport to take jobs across the lands and the seas. High above Rose Garden he flew circling and looking for the Docks, spotting it near the waters where it naturally would be.

    The line leading to the Passport booth looked up as they saw a dark fast shadow pass over them repeatedly. One panicked scream became two, then five, then nine, then finally they were all screaming and running away in a hurry as they saw Asteris Kaiser, the Aurageyser Dragon, make his way down onto the docks. The line scattered faster than dust does when blown by fierce winds. Soon the line was empty and the booth minder was confused at the sudden desertion of Passport takers. "Hello?" He called out confused. "What's got everyone in a-"

    Before he could complete his question Asteris landed on the docks and spread his large wings for display and posterity. The boothminder yelped and immediately closed the booth and cowered under his desk.

    "Human!" Asteris' voice boomed and the man shook even more fearfully. "Human! I know you are within this small box!" Asteris tapped the booth harshly. "Human stand or I will remove this box and pull you out myself. Slowly the man stood and looked ready to pass out. "Ah, excellent, so you aren't incompetent. Human. I require one of those things you call...Passports. Nod if you understand." The man quickly nodded. "Good, get to it." The boothminder, in intense fear of his life, moved and processed things quickly, even taking a picture of Asteris for the picture took a few seconds. With the everything finally filled and processed Asteris was given his Passport, which he placed in the scale that he used as a pocket sometimes, and left Rose Garden.

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