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    Dark Days.


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    Dark Days. Empty Dark Days.

    Post by Lilim 20th August 2017, 8:44 pm

    I wandered. My feet never hurt, my eyes never closed, and things ever neared. I made my way from city to city, town to town, and never stayed anywhere, or knew anyone. I had friends, I had family, or friends I considered family. I pushed them away, A'fore I knew that the beast inside would take the good things in my life, and squander them, destroy them, or simply turn their faces aside, disgust written on their faces over the monster I'd become. I simply couldn't help it. Every time I did, I faced pain that was unimaginable. Burning, twisting, churning. Not just once, but twice. I walked from Hargeon to Magnolia, never once stopping, and never once taking aid from mortals who needn't fear, nor feel the plight I'd bring down upon their heads, just because I existed. Blood called to me, and I lapped it up. Not once did my heart beat, not once did my heart feel anything beyond the lustful hunger it grew accustomed to, and I had no one to share this with, because no one else could know. No mortal could comprehend, no gods left on the earthly coil, to which I knew. I crossed the boundary from woodland to the civic streets of Magnolia, and became a shadow. I walked along the walls, hiding away from mortal eyes, so they need not look away in terror, or disgust. I made my way, from cathedral, from park, to hide in the city square, seen but unseen, nor known, for these mortals could not sense me. I became, simply, no one. No one here cared, no one here knew. The only magic user I'd seen, was half-naked and glowing amongst the people who noticed, but didn't care. I watched him, but he'd disappeared from my sight, passing beyond the column from which I watched. I stood, flat against the column, and hidden, watching the uncaring world pass around me in the endless futility that these mortals felt.


    Dark Days. Z8lAzQC

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