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    Tia Haiku ♥

    Tia Haiku

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    Tia Haiku ♥

    Post by Tia Haiku on Sat 19 Aug - 0:54

    Name: Tia Haiku
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Birthday: April 23rd, National Book Day~
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics:
    -An excessive amount of red and blue ribbons ♥

     Tia is a very quiet, introverted, intelligent, and tranquil girl. Spending all of her free time in the library, she is always learning more and more about the vast land that is called "Earth." Growing up in Oak Town was a blessing for her, considering the giant library they have there. That is the first place she ever lay her eyes on, actually. When she was a little girl, she was found asleep on the front doorstep of the library on a rainy day. She was unable to recall her name, where she was from, or any of her past memories. She was perfectly uninjured, but was unable to share any of her information. She was taken into the library by the librarians, and stayed there until she was 18. They called her Tia Haiku, because she was very fond of reading poetry. At a young age, she began to read every single book in that library. She did this to see if she could find out more about her past, and hopefully find out where she was really from. When she was 16, she had found a book tucked away behind a hidden wall deep within the library, which changed her life. When she begun to read the book, she inherited a magical power that nobody had ever seen before. The book vanished into thin air after she was finished, but now she holds it deep within her heart. It was wrote in a lost language, but she was able to read it as if she had spoken that language her entire life. On that day, she left the library she had stayed in for 11 years, and ventured out into the world to learn more about it hands-on.

        In battle, Tia analyzes the enemy's every move, and does what she has to do to defeat them. She specializes in a very unique magic, which is known as "ReQuip: The Lost Library." She requips different books she has collected over the years, each with a different magical ability. To use these abilities, she drags her nails over each book's cover, either away from her or towards her. This depends on the ability, as away is typically offensive, while towards her is typically defensive. Her magic is very useful, as she is able to have extreme variety per requip. As for battling with allies, Tia prefers to take commands rather than dishing them out. Since she is a very introverted person, she hates telling others what to do. She would rather someone do something terrible, then correcting them. However, if she has to be a leader, she is very lenient. This can be considered a good and bad thing, since it can cause others to take control when they shouldn't. When answering to a leader, she is extremely loyal, and will do anything they will say within reason. She hates using "no" for an answer, especially if it means it will cause the other person sadness. The only time she will say no is if it puts a life at risk. She is very selfless, and will put herself at risk to help an ally.

    -Books: Tia loves books, any kind, any genre. She grew up with them, and will never put them down.
    -The Piano: While getting her education, she also played piano, which she thought was very relaxing.
    -Tranquility: Silence and meditation have always been something Tia has enjoyed.

    -The Sun: Tia hates being in the sun, which is why she wears clothes that cover almost everything.
    -Noise: A little is okay, but Tia absolutely hates noisy places.
    -Sadness: She hates when others are sad, and will do anything to prevent it.

    -Knowledge: Tia is extremely intelligent, and yearns to learn even more in her life.
    -Magic: As Tia uses her magic, she yearns to learn ever more about it, and master it.
    -Friendship: Tia longs to make best friends, as she has never made them before.

    -Pain: Tia has never experienced immense pain, and fears what she has read in books.
    -Death: Tia never wants to experience what is known as death, even though it is inevitable.
    -Her past: Tia is scared to learn about her past, especially if it is full of darkness.

    General Appearance
    Everyday Wear:

    Height: 5'11".
    Weight: 167 lbs.
    Hair: Long and straightened, a beautiful purple color.
    Eyes: A beautiful violet color.
    Skin Tone: Sickly Pale.
    Appearance: Typically wearing all purple, with small blue and red ribbons. She also has a crescent moon on her hat, which she adores. She is typically covered up, only showing her face. (Refer to spoiler above~)


    Guild: Golden Phoenix~
    Tattoo: On her left wrist ♥
    Rank: D


    Tia's Mood:
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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    Re: Tia Haiku ♥

    Post by Salrynn on Sat 19 Aug - 1:35


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