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    Get Rid of the Pesky Blockade [Job]


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    Get Rid of the Pesky Blockade [Job] Empty Get Rid of the Pesky Blockade [Job]

    Post by likeaboss756 on 5th July 2017, 1:46 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: Get Rid Of That Pesky Blockade!
    Job Location:Train Station, Clover Town
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least 15 posts long. Posts must be 200 words minimum.
    Job Requirements:C-rank mage or two D-rank mages minimum, maximum four mages on this job. To remove the blockade and fight off the goblin and the vulcan.
    Job Description: "We been having some trouble by these pair of annoying whipper-snappers, a goblin and a vulcan who keep terrosing and being a general nuiscence at our train tracks, but now they just went ahead and blocked the tracks with a great old tree! They say we give 'em 100 pies and 100 tubs of sherbert or they'll never move the tree! Those rascals are holding up the trains and closed our station! Go over there and teach 'em a lesson, so we can get things moving again!"- Station Controller Albert.
    Weak: Goblin
    Medium: Vulcan
    Reward: 1,500 jewels

    It's been a long while but once again the young wizard Blake was back out on another job. He was rolling solo this time which was unusual for him and a little bit uncomfortable. "Man this sucks. What am I coming out here for anyways. I mean sure I'm helping people but I wish I had some people here with me at least." he said as he walked. He'd made his way into Clover Town easily and it was now just a matter of locating the train station. He saw some tracks and figured that following them would be his best option. "Where are all the trains?" he asked as he looked around. He couldn't imagine that there wasn't at least one train on the tracks at this time of day. "Somethings not right here." the man said. Blake jumped up onto the roof of the closest building and took a look further down. "What are those things?" he asked, spotting two monsters who seemed to be guarding a fallen tree. The tree was blocking the tracks making it completely impossible to send any trains on them. He hopped across the rooftops, moving closer to the scene while being careful not to alert the creatures. He landed on the side of the tree that was being secured by a small military force who were most likely there to keep the damage to a minimum. Blake jumped down and found someone who he thought could help. "Hello sir. I'm a wizard from Sabertooth and my name is Blake. Is this the job?" he asked, pointing towards the Vulcan and the Goblin.


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    Get Rid of the Pesky Blockade [Job] Xv498UB

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