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    Be a Model! (Females Only)


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    Be a Model! (Females Only) Empty Be a Model! (Females Only)

    Post by Admin on 24th February 2013, 12:35 pm

    Job: Be A Model!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Up to 4 mages, D-Rank or higher. 500 words minimum for a solo mage, 1,000 words if done in a group.
    Requirements: Only female wizards can take this quest.
    Location: East Forest, Magnolia.
    Description: Fiore’s Fashion Weekly is looking for female mages who can model for them in a photoshoot. Women with beautiful face and body structure are recommended, but not required. The theme is about being eco-friendly. The model will be wearing creations of Chanelle, the famous designer in Fiore. The photo shoot will be held in the East Forest of Magnolia. Your job is to be amazing models
    Prize: D-Rank EXP and 5,000 jewels each.

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