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    Blooood v2


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    Blooood v2 Empty Blooood v2

    Post by cimbaman 7th June 2017, 2:05 pm


    Pushing through the streets of Rose Garden, Poom was approaching the gigantic structure where the Magic Council's Rose Garden annual blood drive was being held. This was not his first time volunteering here, but he was thrilled nevertheless. Poom's eyes gazed through the masses over people both magical and non-magical, searching for a pink-haired girl with a clipboard. She stood at the door giving out the volunteer badges, so Poom approached.
    Hi. Poom Loom. Infinity Hydra. Poom said smiling at the girl.
    As she was looking at the paper her gaze rose and she returned Poom's smile with her own.
    Oh, you are back. I am glad to have you with us, again. she replied while crossing his name of the list, giving him the badge and at the end winked You know the drill.

    Doing the same thing he did last year Poom when first to give blood himself before helping others do so. In the room at the end of the hall, Poom had just passed, sat a young nurse.
    Come in please sit... please sit down here the young nurse pointed at the empty stool in front of her, while taking out her lacrima scopes.
    As he sat down and pulled up his shirt, he could feel the coldness of the metal lacrima scope touching his skin. I am sorry if it cold, but you are my first patient today.
    It all looks goodsaid the nurse after a minute of silence while she was checking Poom. Have you eaten before this? Have you had enough water? Poom nodded in approval as she pointed to the bed nearby, where Poom gave blood.
    Giving blood gave Poom sense of pride and fulfilment.

    Unlike last year when all volunteers were free to do what every they liked, now everyone was assigned a position and Poom was sent to info desk at the front door. The job there was mostly showing directions, telling people what the drive was about and similar things that were uninspiring to Poom.
    As the day was passing there were fewer and fewer people coming in, and Poom mostly swung in his chair just wanting the time to pass. Last year was much better. Though now it is more organised I am stuck with info duty. Poom thought, trying to find something to occupy his mind. He almost fell off his chair when a young mage came in.
    He still stood up, as he did when anyone entered and greeted them.
    Good day. Thank you for coming. If you go through this corridor you can find empty rooms with nurses that will take your blood. He said it with a smile, somewhat happy that someone came and that he could spend even sometimes not completely alone.
    Without stopping, the mage in the gave Poom a short look of revulsion and in a puff of smoke disappeared. Even with Poom's eyes, the mage could not be spotted, and a moment after Poom felt a cold and hard stab to his back.
    Trying to turn and hit the mage, he flailed his arms to the back.
    He could feel another attack but this time it was of magical nature, launching Poom through the info desk.
    Lying on the floor and with pieces of wood around him, he knew that this was just a beginning of the attacks, so he created his Polygon shield. It was not a very sturdy shield but it was enough to give Poom time to stand up and defend himself.
    When he stood up, his vision was blurred, and he squinted his eyes and tried rubbing them.
    Nothing will help. Once you get trapped in my spell you are blind till I say you can see again, or when you die. Whatever comes first.
    There was a look of wonder on Poom's face.
    Poom could see shapes and colors but nothing sharply, but it was enough to distinguish the attacking mage from the background.
    Poom raised his hands and he could feel a bunch of small polyhedrons forming around himself.
    What is this? the mage said as the mines started to explode.
    His vision was starting to get better so Poom continued his attack, forming a polygon hydra, that warped around the mage and exploded.
    The mage was lying on the ground completely beaten as Poom's vision was slowly returning. Turning around he saw that there were many other mages near, and all of them were rubbing their eyes.
    Nobody was sure how it happened, but the case of the attack on the blood drive was given to the Rune Knights and the mage that attacked was arrested. For his bravery, the blood drive comity gave Poom a badge of appreciation.




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