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    Post by ghðst 23rd May 2017, 7:03 pm

    Job Information:
    Job Title: Crack Down! Stop the Blackmarket branch!
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 1 C rank or 2 D rank Minimum
    Job Requirements:200 words per post, 25 post minimum(Boss Auto Spawns anywhere from 3-5 posts after combat was first initated(600-1000 words)
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description: The Rose Garden Police have sent out this Job request to all boards across Fiore. They have requested assistance in taking out a rather violent and powerful Black Market Syndicate located on a private airport within the confines of Rose Garden. The Reports state that their leader pilots a powerful gunship, their only request, is that no damage is done to the rest of the city!
    Weak: Black Market Dealer: These guys are merchants, not combat mages, They have small ranged based magics ranging from anything from a flamethrower to a Shadow Bullet machinegun, all their attacks deal C rank damage and they go down in two hits of C rank damage.

    Normal: Black Market Syndicate Guard: These Guys appear in groups of three, they are usually armed with magic rifles or swords. These guys can utilize Wind, Lightning, or Speed based magics to fend off oponents. These guys deal C rank damage with their attacks, and go down in 3 hits of C rank damage

    Strong:Black Market Syndicate Soldier: These guys appear in groups of five, and utilize either standard Requip Magic or Gun Requip(Boosted with Guns magic), they deal C.5 rank damage with each attack and go down in Five hits of C rank damage.

    ALL BARK AND NO BITE. Carlo_a_02
    The “Grand” Flagship of the Black Market, piloted by the Black Market boss himself, Artemis Slade, and manned with five Black Market Syndicate soldiers to man the weapon turrets of the ship. The ship is heavily armed, as well as having a large cargo hold that has been used for countless smuggling operations. She has a Magical Barrier requiring Three hits of C rank damage to dispel, where as the ship itself requiring 15 hits of large or ship grade C rank damage to disable, twenty to destroy mid air

    80mm Magical Focusing Cannon: This cannon is located directly under the cockpit, it is mounted to a swivel and can fire concentrated blasts of Ethernano dealing B rank damage in a 7 meter diameter explosion.

    Razor Head Cluster Missiles: These advanced homing missiles will be fired one at a time after locking onto a target(s), shortly after they are fired ten mini missiles will be released from the sides of the primary missile that will then home in on a target and then explode on impact dealing C.5 damage caught in the 5 meter wide blasts. The ship is only armed with Six of these missiles

    Magic Minigun Defense Turrets(x3) these manned turrets will fire concentrated bullets of ethernano that will spray an area, anyone caught in these attacks deal C rank damage.

    Last Resort Cruise Missile: When the ship is on its last leg the crew will fire off a cruise missile from its cargo hatch, this missile will home onto a specified target and detonate on impact in a 30 meter diameter explosion dealing B.5 rank damage.

    If the ship is only disabled and not destroyed, it will automatically spawn six Black Market Syndicate Soldiers who will the attack on foot.

    Reward: 10k Jewels


    700 words for julius
    i'm a bit rusty!  /SWEATS
    The world was always swarmed by an everlasting rise of trouble. Sometimes it could have found itself resolved, other times it engulfed the innocent in memories of absolute horror. Tainting their past selves into an either stronger individual, or one that had merely been twisted into the evil that was exposed. Such was the endeavor of life. You'd either find yourself playing on the luck of fate, avoiding the darkness which lingered. Or simply succumbing to the cruelty which tripped and spat laughter over your faults. As one whom had familiarized himself with such things, could never guess what may happen next. Would a dagger find itself, burrowed in the flesh of his back? Perhaps luck would shine on him and simply allow these days of search to go on untouched and without bother? He did not know. At most it seemed he hadn't entirely gotten well antiquated with the people of Fiore, ending in small scuffles or problems that really didn't involve his presence.

    Such was the current situation of now.

    It wasn't like he had wanted to be here, though when the desperate and seemingly wealthy figure of Rose Garden requested help in the removal of this dangerous organization. He thought that maybe answers could befall upon his ears. Especially from those that engrossed themselves in matters within the shadows. Either that, or it was the one that had fallen to his knees in the plea for help that would give him the answers he required. Both were left unknown. It seemed an unlikely and reasonable aspect to expect that outcome being void of such things he required. Jewels and food not being apart of the subject. For now he decided to wait it out. Finishing up what issue the people of this city had seemed important enough for a man of such class to merely drag a stranger from the streets and into his abundant display of a well-lavished mansion. Sitting down and sipping on the finest of tea wasn't how he wanted to spend his night whilst they went over the situation. A location was sufficient enough.

    "So are you going to sit there and make conversation with me, or tell me what the hell is going on?" the fragile lining of a cup slammed into the nearby table, a separation from the both of them on either cushioned chair. It was a surprise the material hadn't broke against the harshness of his movements. "I hardly think you'd act crazy enough like that in public simply to drag a stranger into your home. Unless you're a liar and brought me here with other intentions in mind." the voice was anything but one which grasped a sensibility for kindness. It was cruel and evidently annoyed. The other quickly flailed his arms around, hoping to quickly convince the uncertainty that flared in Theo's heart.

    "No no! We're simply waiting on someone... you're not the only one which I requested help from." he'd start, still seeming nervous. "I just got word from my assistant that someone had also taken up this request... a good thing too! I would have been worried just sending you in there all alone!" the abrupt growl which resonated from the base of his throat evoked a jerk of surprise in the man as Theo stood up. "Are you saying I'm not capable of handling this by myself?" fear urged the old man to shrink back into his seat, wondering if it had been a bad idea inviting this hoodlum into his place. Let alone requesting the need for help. "I've gotten tired of just sitting around with you, waiting on orders like some sort of dog. I don't need help, and I definitely don't need to work with some stranger who'd probably only be a nuisance in the end!" brows were furrowed, golden pools glaring forth, "So either you tell me where the bloody problem is, or I can force it out of you!" it seemed tempting to call for help in sight of this overly emotional stranger, possibly one of all bark and no bite.

    A knock at the door brought forth a distraction, and an additional relief.
    The other had lastly arrived.

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Post by Julius Seas 23rd June 2017, 2:31 pm

    Julius Seas

    Persona 4 ~ Your Affection:

    Rose Garden, for some weird reason this city keeps coming back in most jobs Julius' takes on no matter how hard he tries to avoid this city he keeps being required to come back to this city. If Julius had a jewel for every we had to go back to this city, Julius could buy this city! Julius said sarcastic as he walked passed a sign saying "Welcome to Rose Garden!" Julius' first job was in Rose Garden, as well as his job with his Fairy Tail team back in the day and then a couple time afterwards. Calm down Julius, at least this time you want slip over cherry blossom petals scattered around the city! When Julius wanted to visit Rose Garden to relax he had to visit on a time when the city saw pink of the cherry blossom petals and the screams of pain from people falling flat on their ass. Sometimes Julius' butt still hurts from the times Julius fell onto his butt... Anyway no cherry blossom petals in sight and no dealing with hostages, today we are going to take on a black market syndicate! We only have to go to a mansion somewhere in Rose Garden, the only question is, which mansion? There are so many in this place... Julius looked at the job request but it seemed like no name was mentioned, but he did remembered he had received a letter when he accepted the job, he opened the letter and in it was an invitation along with a map leading from the entrance of the city to the mansion. Julius followed the map.

    The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker ~ Hyrule castle:

    After a walk through the town Julius finally managed to get to the mansion, and it wasn't just an ordinary mansion. After walking through the gates you're greeted by a courtyard as big like a grand park. At the front entrance of the mansion you're greeted by a fountain. Hmmm... A fountain near the entrance... How cliched, anyway Julius isn't this man's exterior decorator... Julius ringed the doorbell and butler opened the door. Yes? Who might you be? The butler said with a condescending tone. This guy had struck a nerve in Julius and he was about to give him a rant but decided to refrain. The name is Julius Seas. Julius is here for the job that was posted. The butler thought for a bit. Ah yes, you're the other wizard hired by my master.
    Honestly it doesn't surprise your kind is accepting a job like this...
    Julius wasn't liking the attitude this man was giving him, Squable sighed and just turned around. Well Julius is from the kind of pirates you don't fuck with! Now hurry up and bring Julius to your master before Davey Jones is going to have some company! The butler gulped and lead Julius towards the client, the butler knocked on a door. Sir, the other wizard from the job is here! The butler opened the door and Julius was greeted by a boy and a man who was sweating bullets. Hi there!
    The name is Julius Seas and this green parrot is Squable!
    Julius said with a smile on his face. Julius re-adjusted his pirate hat and yanked a couple of times onto his blue pirate coat to get some of the wrinkles out of it.

    notes: Gurl don't worry about being rusty. I should be the one worrying making you wait so long and then giving you this short post >w<

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