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    A Killer Once More (Private)

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr
    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr

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    A Killer Once More (Private) Empty A Killer Once More (Private)

    Post by Caelestis Icarus Zephyr 20th May 2017, 5:12 pm

    The small child waited alone in the Silent Cemetery, unseeing green eyes closed. He sat alone atop a small monument, with names worn by time so that they were barely able to be made out. The first names couldnt be deciphered, but the last name of the people remained clear. Anicetus. Every name of the 4 names on that small monument was an Anicetus, and a former member of Inaris's family. The wind ruffled his dirty white hair, as the moon cast a strange silver glow over everything. His white robes pooled at his feet, slightly too long for his small frame, and the green Headpiece he wore trailed behind him, looking more like a veil than anything. The single ruby jewel hanging from it shone brightly in the darkness, like a drop of bright blood.

    Tonight, everything would change for him. Tonight, he was giving it all up and starting a new life, all in order to protect his lover. Megalos was a bright light in the darkness surrounding him from all sides, and that light needed to be protected at all costs. He could not allow the one person who meant the most to him to be hurt in any way, Megalos was his reason for living, his reason for everything.  And so he waited in the graveyard, because he was selling it all to keep Megalos safe.

    He didn't know much about how this worked, but he was prepared to do whatever was necessary. And so, as he waited, he thought about the woman he was waiting for. He was supposedly waiting for a woman who would grant him one wish... in exchange for his complete loyalty. She was a mystery to him, but he did know one thing. Her name. Perhaps if he called it, she would come? It was always worth a try, at least. Taking a deep breath, he would call out for her. "Eris..." he called, softly, wary of the spirits that resided here. It was no good to disturb them. The warm breeze that had previously been blowing took on a chill, and the child shivered. For Megalos. he thought, waiting in silence. If one watched closely, they would notice faint outlines of spirits, standing behind the child. 3 outlines were there, the fourth name on the monument missing. One woman, one man, and a little girl. His parents, and his sister, surrounding him, leeching his body heat.


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    A Killer Once More (Private) Empty Re: A Killer Once More (Private)

    Post by Eris 21st May 2017, 1:08 pm


    With the utterance of the name a cold wind swept across the sea of tombstone carrying with it a deep fog and a chill that bit into the heart and spine and sweeping away all the wandering spirits.   An immediate response to the intent behind the word.   While she could hear at any time,  the intent behind the spoken name carried a weight of its own.    And Eris's power was strong here among the graves.  It was here that Eris had been conjured to this world by the Cult of Sin,  her influence seeping through into Earthland for countless generations while she carried on with her business in other realms.  But the ritual to summon Eris here had signified the start of the ripening of the land,  and the way was opened for her.

    In the fog was a ring of deep dark shadows of silent figures waiting for something.  Their position in the fog was relative to him,  and without appearing to move they would remain the same distance away from him,  obscured and watching as a wave of red light overtook the sky causing the fog to glow red in its light,  the sky itself obscured but a red circle's glow shown through overhead.    All throughout the cemetery graves stirred,  soil rumbling,  tombstones humming,  the Silent Cemetery was singing,  low and deep.   It's graves threatened to spill out,  graves as far as the eye could see on a clear day all primed and giving off the sense of being at the eye of a great storm. 

    Though no words were spoken,  Inaris would feel the words; What do you desire.

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