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    From A to... where again?


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    Completed From A to... where again?

    Post by Hania 14th May 2017, 4:20 pm

    Advent had been feeling a little frazzled by having tried so much wine, he still didn't understand why someone would want to drink fermented grapes as they tasted funny to him but the fact that several other under tones could be added to it made each taste a little different but still it was odd to the long white haired youth. Feeling a little dizzy as the wines after affects finally kicked in he put his hand to a wall to help stabilise himself his other hand going to his head as if trying to get the world to stop spinning "What's happening?" he asked as almost to an unseen force breathing a little uneasy for a few moments but eventually it passed and he began moving again almost hopping and dancing along the way humming and singing a few random things such as flowers opening happening as he passed thanks to the melody he was using.

    Eventually he stopped his head tilting slightly to the left as he heard a voice somewhat frustrated. Slowly moving towards the person he leaned forward "What's wrong? You seem angry miss" he asked the elderly woman who looked him confused at him "I was wanting a parcel delivered to my brother at the other end of town but the messenger service is closed for the day and this is urgent" she said sounding somewhat annoyed. "Well I could deliver it for you miss" he said with a charming the smile, the elderly woman smiled moving towards him "So young man before I can agree may I ask your name?" her tone was now gentle as she spoke which made Advent somewhat happy at the fact.

    "My name is Advent, I'm a travelling mage" his words were ernest as he spoke them, bowing his head just a little in respect to the elder woman which surprised him as it had seemed to her that the youths of today seemed to have forgotten their manners but here was this strange boy before her showing her the respect of times passed. "Please allow me to ease your burden and deliver your message to your brother" his words respectful unsure if the woman would trust him after all he was a stranger. "My brother runs the bakery near the mill, please take this parcel to him and he will give you something for your time when you get there I'm sure" she said holding out the small package wrapped in colorful wrapping paper.

    "Sure, I can do that" he said with a gentle smile carefully taking the package "Oh... I should ask is anything in this box breakable?" He had been told that he had to asked by one of the unseen spirits that followed him, which was likely a smart move because he'd likely have thrown it around not thinking any differently "Oh no, nothing fragile" she chuckled glad that Advent was acting more professional that half the messengers that he had dealt with in the past. With another bow he held the parcel close to his chest and began to walk down the street not really to sure exactly where he was going but he was kind of glad that for a large town it was rather quiet so he could get this task done and move on with his travels.

    Advent stretched yawning after walking a few streets down forgetting completely that he was holding the parcel only realising when he heard a 'thud' as it hit the ground. "U.. uh?" he seemed somewhat confused as he looked around wondering where the noise had come from "look down? Is that some type of joke Ari?!" he huffed thinking that he was being teased but he turned his head down kneeling down feeling around his eyes going wide underneath his blindfold "Oh... a parcel... that's right the old lady asked me to deliver it to... um..." he scratched his head trying to remember exactly where he was going as he stood up the parcel in his other hand. "Oh yeah her brother's bakery" he said knocking his head gently almost as if he goofed up "Okay on wards we go!" he said pumping his hand up almost as if he was cheering.

    After a moment he stopped doing that and held the parcel close to his chest once more as he picked up his pace. Even though he was running quite fast he was still light on his feet almost running like an antelope but still remaining quiet, but that wasn't surprising as he was barefooted but it was more than that, it was thanks to the training he had been given as he was growing that allowed him to move more gracefully than most dancers and with the magic that he used he was use to never making a move without it being without a reason and precise when he executed or landed it.

    Before long he was in front of the designation of the bakery, he couldn't help but sniff the air as the scent of freshly made bread and cakes entered his nostrils. "That smells so good" he commented to himself before walking in and stood at the counter. The elderly man behind it looked at the white haired youth with a smile "So what can I get you young man" his voice was cheerful and bouncy "My name is Advent, I'm a travelling mage. I have been asked by a wonderful elderly lady to deliver this parcel to her brother who owns this bakery. Might you know where I can find him?" he asked his head bowed a little to the elderly man again as a sign of respect.

    The man looked at him oddly for a moment before chuckling "I am her brother, I'm guessing it's a birthday present by the colored paper" he commented taking the box as Advent had offered it to him, moving into the till and taking out some jewel and giving it to him "Compensation for your time Advent, thank you for helping Jill" he said shaking his head unable to believe that his sister had waited til the last moment for another year to deliver his gift. "Thank you very much sir, enjoy the rest of your day" he said waving and leaving to continue to his next adventure.

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