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    Wedding Crashers [Job~Lycus + Alex]

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    Wedding Crashers [Job~Lycus + Alex] Empty Wedding Crashers [Job~Lycus + Alex]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 28th March 2017, 6:31 pm

    Sleepwalking was something Alex did all the time, but deep sleepwalking was an unnatural occurrence. It was as though everything was real, everything in her dreamland at least. So she lost most of her sense of hearing, touch, and the like. This normally was bad because Alex's dreams can get *very* weird and vivid, and sometimes she has done strange things like walk up, and jump off of, buildings, worrying the public. However right before she hit the ground, she just teleported away. This state wasn't one that happened often, but it was very bad when it did.

    Alex was in that state right now.

    Yesterday, Alex went on a mission with a man named Lycus, a job that was a date at the same time. The two stayed together after the date / mission was over, and eventually rented an inn room for the night. That night was Alex's first time in a while spending the night with a man, and she certainly "made the most of it," so to speak. However, that brings her to the problem at hand.

    Getting out of the bed, Alex stood up and walked over to the wall, and teleported right through it. There was a window right next to where she teleported through, proving that the wall indeed lead to the outside. The problem was, Alex had no idea she was outside, as she simply thought she was taking a stroll to her father's house with Dilon to go have a party. What she didn't know, and what was the most problematic, was that she was stark naked. The world about her got a new look at the mage that it wouldn't normally have, and mothers, obviously offended at such a sight, took to shielding their children's eyes while some people took pictures on their iLacs. Finally, Alex was stopped by motel security, whom grabbed her by the wrist and forcefully dragged her back inside and placed her on a bench next to a job board, where she was handcuffed because she was consistently walking, still not knowing where she was in reality. The security guard then paged room service, whom went to go find Lycus at the room they spent the night in together.


    Wedding Crashers [Job~Lycus + Alex] M7mHyEw
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