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    Criminal watch job/solo

    Lucien Malakai
    Lucien Malakai

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    Criminal watch job/solo Empty Criminal watch job/solo

    Post by Lucien Malakai 22nd February 2017, 10:46 pm


    The sun was rising into the sky when Shino first stepped off the train in Oak Town. He looked up at the sky and sighed. Another beautiful day in Fiore. He was somewhat content at himself for choosing this job. It was a simple spy and report mission to which the name of the client was concealed. The less he knew about the clients the better. As he walked the early morning streets nothing could be heared but the sound of his boots against the pavement. He looked around the old town taking in its architecture and mapping it out at once. It was small but grand when it came to its history and the knowledge it stored in itself. He quite enjoyed the silence but missed the patter of his companions paws hitting the ground. Unfourtunatly he had to leave Fenrir his wolf at home. He wasn't going to be able to spy on someone so well with a ferocious animal at his side at all times. Even though he missed his best friend.

    It was about eight when the first signs of life started to show in the town. People began heading to work and children could be heard playing in the streets or heading to school. The sound of birds and dogs could be heard in the distance as everything came awake. Shino arrived at the town center and started looking around the small shops. He stopped at one and looked around. The job had described the suspect as dressed in dark and cloaked. He smiled as some people smiled at him and waved in greetings. The town folk where nice here it should be easy enough to find a criminal who stands out. He didn't see anything so he kept going on his way nodding and waving at the pedestrians.

    Around three he stopped at the small cafe and ordered a iced tea. The sun was beaming hot and although there was a slight breeze Shino had worked up a bit of sweat. He sat at a small table in front of the shop and they brought him his tea. He paid the waiter and sat back taking a small sip as he looked around and listened to others conversation to see if he could hear anything suspicious. A breeze swept his long hair to the side as it came through making him smile a bit. He waits a bit and finishes off his tea when he notices that someone was looking at him from another table across from him. He got up without glancing again and headed for the book store in front of the cafe. He opens the door and a small bell chimes as the cashier smiles,"Hello would you like help searching for a book today?".He politely shakes his heads and heads into the back of the store without turning to see if he was being followed into the store. He turns around and waits five minutes to hear the sound of the little bell. Nothing. He walks to the middle of the store where he has a view of the cafe across the street. He looked over at the table where the man was to find it empty.

    Shinokage walks out of the store and looks around. He catches a glimps of the man walking down the street and turning the corner. He instantly heads after him at a fast walk. He didn't want the civilians thinking something was up. He reaches the corner and sees the man turn to look back at him and then duck into an alleyway. Shino sprints towards the alleyway with a hand on his sword ready for an attack. He turns into the alleyway to find it empty. He looks around and finds a note stuck to a wall. He reads and snarls crumbling it up and burning it in his hand the dark flames turning the note to ashes. The only thing it read was,"STOP LOOKING."

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