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    Jian Liu


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    Post by Ethair 6th February 2017, 12:34 am

    zap, crackles
    Name: Jian Liu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Birthday: February 13th
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Chinese dragon tattoo that's wrapped around his whole left arm, it's head ending at the back of his left shoulder and it's tail ending at the base of the wrist while on the bottom side close to the palm.

    Outside of Battle Jian is a man with two minds, first mind is that of a person who had a very rough time growing up and the second mind is one of a much darker mind set that he was born as a 'Monster' as those around him called him so that is what he became. There was only one person that really treated Jian like a normal human being and that was his very best friend named "Summer". She had brought light into his endless darkening world that should have been good for him. But then it turned around on Jian and he grow to think that Summer was his an only his. Even tried to kidnap her once and that's when something happened an she had saw him so he ran. Due to Jian still thinking that Summer was 'his' he began to stalk her all the time. During day time or night time, he could be found lurking in the shadows and following Summer. He was always there be hide her just waiting for a the prefect time to strike and take her for his own. The only time Jian isn't following Summer around is when he is at his house some were deep in a forest. Within that house is where he keeps his 'play thing' which is someone that he has kidnapped and makes them due as he says out of pure fear. The fear being that Jian will let out his 'true nature' plus the fact if they refuse they normally have their head ripped off an consumed by him. No one in any guild usually likes to come near him, because he stinks of dead rotting an decaying flesh. Not very many people have seen his 'true nature' other then his 'play thing's and Summer who saw a slight glimpse of it when he tried to kidnap her. When it comes to finding jobs to do, Jian knows he can do any of them easily but the ones he prefers the ones where he can kill the person. Because that means he can track down a free new 'play thing' witch always caused him to have a very devilish grin across his face. If the job is to kill animals then he isn't all that thrilled because all it means is that he gets a gamie snack. Jian normal walks around as what seems like a decent young man that wouldn't really be up to no good. But once his eyes start glowing an shining in a bright yellow color he has set on a target that will either become his food source or his new 'play thing'. Jian's true nature is a much more darker version of himself, his eyes will shift from bight yellow to a blood red cool while the rest of his eye turns to this darken red cool. He is much more brutal to those around him and lets his hungry for blood an flesh run free. Its to the point that he begins to hunger he will just rip a chuck of flesh off someone an eat it right there in front of them, if they ever dare to attack or call him 'Monster' he will snap he will do one of three things. One of them being that he rip off one of their limbs an beat them to death with it, another thing he would do rip into their chest an pull out their still beating heart to eat it, and lastly decapitate them an then use their body as a weapon to kill their loved ones with. Doesn't matter what mind set Jian is in he loves the control he has over his 'play thing', torturing his 'play thing', dressing up his 'play thing', tying up his 'play thing', and the best part for him is breaking his 'play thing's will so that they know its hopeless for them to get away from him.

    Combat During any battle Jian always start off drawing out his katana from its purple sheath, because he is that of a swordsman while at the same thing he loved the feeling of ripping people apart by his bare hands. He has been trained by three masters while each one completely different way of fighting; his first swordsman master was named 'Zhen Yang' who trained Jian in the art of Chinese swordsmanship, his second swordsman master was named 'Kohaku Matsushita' who trained Jian in the art of Japanese swordsmanship, and his third swordsman master was named 'Seo-Joon Kang' who trained Jian in the art of Korean swordsmanship. Jian is still training to this day to master all three of the styles but even those he hasn't fully mastered them all he has gained a combat ability that no one else he has come to fight has been able to do the same. An that ability would be that he can use any of the three styles of swordsmanship with any bladed weapons from the three styles. There forth he couldn't fight like a Chinese swordsman with a Japanese style katana which can throw people off greatly. Jian also uses his magic power in combat where he can infuse his magic power into his weapon to fight with. While when he wants to fight hand to hand or is disarmed by someone he can infuse his magic power to his body to make very deadly blows with his bare hands an feet. So he is both a weapon and non-weapon fighter giving him much more way to battle in combat compared to those who can only do one or the other. Jian is an extremely destructive fighter so it would be wise to not be in a building that he is fighting cause at any moment the whole thing may come crashing down. He really love the rush of blood that mixes in with their flesh when he begins to eat someone or something that is still alive. While in combat one of his favorite things to do is toying around with the weak ones because its yet another form of control and he loves to have control over others. If Jian was ever to be a part of a team he would be the first one to fly off and start smashing, slashing, ripping, and eating those in front them alive. But the draw back would be that any member got in the way they would most likely killed an eaten by Jian. Those this action wouldn't bother him even in the slightest bit but others would think twice of ever fighting along side of him. Now if Jian was picked to be a leader or as a member you better be able to keep your distance from him and not get in his why while he is fighting or you'll end up getting eaten. Basically while in combat he doesn't play nice with others and normally works alone, maybe if he was to get along with a single member of the team and they could fight in sink with each other would be the only way for Jian to be able to pull off real teamwork.

    ⨀ Summer Guiyang, Jian has always liked Summer because unlike those from his old village he she was sweet and kind to him. Must likely due to her not knowing Jian's way of life and most others frown appon it. Jian had fallen for Summer while they were really close friends throw out of most of their child hood.
    ⨀ Kidnapping, Jian likes the thrill of hunting down to people and taking them away to were he wants them. As soon as he has someone they become his and are labeled as his 'play thing' that he will do what he wants with. The loves to have control over those an make them do his bidding.
    ⨀ Ning Jiang, Jian had taken on a Mistress because she had looked very close to that of Summer. So he had treated her like a queen, just like what he would have done for Summer and enjoyed ever moment with her. That was until she tried to take control of him, by demanding he spend time with her in stand of Summer. The he had became his first 'play thing' and he liked her once again before he had broke her living will.

    ⨀ Intruders, Jian dislike other that just come and join him without asking or being told to join him. They are a very few things you just don't do around Jian and one is for sure walking into his home while he is with his 'play thing'. If one was dum enoguh or dare to ruin his with Jian's 'play thing' they will have awaken something that no one ever wants to see or know about.
    ⨀ Free Will, Jian dislikes it when his 'play thing's believe they have will to disobey him or to just refuse to do anything. He quickly breaks there 'Free Will' they think that they had before but never did once they were taken by Jian. The fear that sit in place of were their happiness away makes Jian grin and laugh evil an insane like because of how weak they were to have their wills broke so easily.
    ⨀ Monster, Jian extremely dislikes the word 'Monster' because of the village used to all him and his family that name all the time. So if someone was to call him a 'Monster', his mind would snap to his true nature and normally he would toy with his food. But once called that name it bring out the deepest and darkest part of his nature that only has two things in mind; Kill and Consume. They wanted a 'Monster' and THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY GOT!

    ⨀ Summer Guiyang, Jian feels that Summer belongs to him and only him. This is why his mind is set on her over all other things. Jian tends to get really upset when he doesn't get to see Summer in person, even if he only sees her from the shadows where he hides just to make sure she is okay an no one is after her.
    ⨀ Cannibalism, Jian has always loved the taste of blood and flesh of humans scents he was a small child. His parents had raised him on eating it, yes it was very odd and disgusting to those around them. But for Jian's family it wasn't a choice more of the only way they could live. Those around them didn't care and once they found out his whole family were labeled 'Monsters'. Due to being called a 'Monster' for so long, in his mind something had finally snapped and he became a 'Real Monster'.
    ⨀ Swordsmanship, Jian has been trained in the way of the sword by three masters that all were in different styles. The styles of each master is that of one is Chinese, another is Japanese, and the last master was Korean. So unlike those who normally focus on one style of swordsmanship, Jian just wanted to learn as much as about the way of the sword.  

    ⨀ Summer Guiyang, Jian fears one thing way more then anything else in the whole world. That is if he was ever to tell Summer that of his true feeling for her and she had rejecting him. Had that ever happened to him, his mind would bend in a way that his true self would be shown at all times and he would most like just take Summer. An if she was to fight back there's no tell what he would do to her.
    ⨀ Katana, Jian holds this one thing the closed to him because it was given to him from Summer. Meaning the world to him and can't stand to be apart from it or from Summer her self. The fear of losing it or having it stolen could cause him to have a mental break down right then an there.
    ⨀ Blood, Jian fears blood on a level that all beings fear if/when their light force will end if they don't take in the thing they need to live on.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hair: Short messy hair with longer hair in the back, brown with red highlight along the longer part of the hair in the back
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Appearance: Jian has a slim build with upper muscle body. He wears a Chinese school jacket, pants, and shoes. The jacket is black on the outside, on the inside of the jacket is red, it have some gold trims around the outside of the jacket, and the slevees of the jacket are rolled up a little bit to look like red cuffs. While Jian is wearing a plain white t-shirt under his jacket, plain black pants, and plain black shoes. Around his waste down  is the lower half of a Chinese armor with a color scheme of black, red, and yellow. Jian has a normal black belt on his pants while he also has a purple slash around the Chinese armor at his waste. There are times where he just doesn't wear his jacket or t-shirt, but most don't care before he has a really sexy chest and washboard abs. Jian is always walking around with his katana that has an octagon shaped guard in it's purple sheath. Whether it be place at his side with it though the purple slash around his waste, tide on his back with a string attached to it going over his chest, or held in his hand by its sheath.


    Guild: Basilisk Fang
    Tattoo: Top right of chest, Orange
    Rank: D
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